Playoffs? You want to talk about the playoffs?


What a difference a year makes, this time last year we were wondering who we were drafting and now this year we are wondering who we might face in the first round of the PLAYOFFS!!!! I know we haven’t clinched yet, but the way the Chiefs are playing right now we are destined for the post season. Coming off a lopsided victory against the Redskins, our Chiefs are off that 3 game losing skid. If you ask me all great teams lose games sometimes, and I am hopeful ¬†they got it out of their system. I am hoping they are going to ride this momentum into the post season, and hopefully get past that first round curse! The offense is rolling and the Defense played with fire and electricity, and come on don’t you dare forget about the special teams with their great kick return game and two touchdowns. All of these things I just explained to you are a complete team.


superbowl ring


This team is firing on all cylinders, just like we were for the first 9 games and I don’t have to remind you what our record was. Now I know some of you will bring up the 3 straight games we lost after this. We faced Denver on the road and I feel we had a couple of chances to win that game. Then there was the epic defensive meltdown against the San Diego Chargers, and another gut wrenching loss. Denver again as we jumped on them and then, well we let Peyton pick us apart again, and agian. But you know what I did see this past Sunday? A complete team that was present for nine weeks straight. Let me put that into perspective for you, 9 weeks including last weeks game puts us winning the Super Bowl! Now I know that is a dream we all want to see, and why can’t we? This team plays with so much passion, and they got knocked down and believe me they did not like it and I believe they have no plans on doing that again. ¬†They are a championship caliber team that can, and I believe will go deep if not all the way in the playoffs. So yeah I do want to talk about the playoffs! How about you Chiefs fans are you ready?

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