Recap Week 15: KC Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders


Jamaal CharlesSo after a great week 14 game against the Washington Redskins with an effective offense and crushing defense I was excited to see if the Chiefs could continue the trend or if the game was just a fluke.  Needless to say, the Chiefs looked for real against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday in Oakland.  Talk about one of those games where you have to blink a few times to make sure the score is real after just the first quarter.


On the first play of the Chiefs first drive of the game Alex Smith dumped off a pass to Jamaal Charles on a screen play.  49 yards later Charles is headed across the goal line for the first touchdown of the game.  Now, I was amazed at how quickly this all took place when I looked at the clock and saw that literally 17 seconds into the game and we already had a 7-0 lead.  After this play the Raiders took over the ball and were able to march down the field a little easier than I would have liked and kick a field goal to make it 7-3 Chiefs.  I was a bit worried about the defense during this drive, but they stepped up to make sure the Raiders were unable to get into the end zone to tie it up.

The next drive started out typically as I would have imagined.  A few running plays and a few passing plays.  Synonymous with how Alex Smith and Andy Reid like to run the offense early in the game.  Again, to my amazement, Jamaal Charles receives another screen pass and guess what?  Charles is off to the races again and doesn’t stop until he strolls into the end zone for touchdown number two making it 14-3 Chiefs.  The fact that it was the same exact play he just scored on in the drive before made me wonder where the Raiders defense had gone, not that I honestly cared.

The Raiders get the ball back and start a fairly impressive drive including a 26 yard pass to Streater.  This had me a bit concerned until Eric Berry got a Pick 6 for 47 yards and made it look too easy in doing so.  With the touchdown that made the score 21-3 in favor of the Chiefs and was probably the most entertaining first quarter of any game I have seen this season.


To start the second quarter the Raiders again walked down the field and scored after the Chiefs basically handed it to them with penalties.  Jennings punched in the touchdown right up the middle for 1 yard making it 21-10 still in favor of the Chiefs.  It appeared that kicked Janikowski may have been a bit afraid to send a kick far enough for the Chiefs special teams to give it a go for a touchdown.  He pooch kicked the ball in order to allow his players to get down there and take down the Quintin Demps before he could run up some yards on them.  After a punt from Dustin Colquit the Rainders took the ball at their own 20 yard line until Tamba Hali forced a fumble from Raiders QB McGloin giving the Chiefs great field position at the Raiders 11 yard line.  The Chiefs offense hammers the ball into the end zone with Jamaal Charles after a few running plays giving him his third touchdown of the game and the Chiefs extended their lead to 28-10.

On the next Raiders drive it looked promising that they would find the end zone until Eric Berry stepped up and got his second interception of the game for 49 yards.  I thought he might make another pick 6, but he was taken down before he could get there.  Once again, the Chiefs took over and the familiar face of Jamaal Charles strolled into the end zone after a short pass and 16 yard run for his 4th touchdown of just the first half making it 35-10 Chiefs.  Again, with the assistance of the Chiefs penalties the Raiders got another touchdown before half time making the score 35-17 at the break.


To start the quarter the Raiders were able to head down the field and score just three minutes into the quarter with a pass down the middle to Holmes making the score 35-24 Chiefs.  After a three and out by the Chiefs the Raiders took back over with momentum still brewing from the last drive.  They went 88 yards for a touchdown with a shirt pass up the middle to Rivera making it 31-35 Chiefs.  At this point, like most Chiefs fans, I’m getting a little nervous as we are blowing a nice cushy lead.

The Chiefs get the ball back and get the tight end McGrath involved before Smith throws a nice pass to Jamaal Charles and lets him do his thing.  Charles went 71 yards to get his 5th touchdown of the game with his ability to get down the field in a hurry.  The Chiefs are now up 42-31 nearing the end of the quarter.

The Raider take back over and end up coughing up the ball on the Oakland 28 yard line.  The runner was ruled down, but Andy Reid challenged the outcome and got the call reversed and got the ball back in the Chiefs hands.  Continuing with the use f the tight end Alex Smith threw a nice pass down the middle and let McGrath finish it off in what is known as the black hole of the Raiders end zone making it 49-31 Chiefs.


The Raiders take back over and find themselves with yet another turnover when Frank Zombo intercepted McGloin for the third time in the game.  Shortly thereafter Alex Smith ended up fumbling the ball and giving it right back to the Raiders.  Can’t be too upset about it though as this was the first fumble for Smith of the entire season.

After the Raiders drive fizzled out and went nowhere the Chiefs took the ball back over for the final score of the game.  Knile Davis got his second NFL touchdown of his career with a 17 yard run bringing the final score to a wild 56-31.


This was one of those games where you wondered if the score was going to reach the hundreds with the amount of point being put up by both offenses.  This did help with my concern of the offense of the Chiefs though.  They were impressive and able to sweep the Raiders for the first time since the 2007 season.  The win put the Chiefs atop the AFC West tied with Denver; however Denver gets the tie breaker due to beating the Chiefs twice.

This game did answer the question of whether the Redskins game was a fluke.  It appears to me the offense has gotten into a groove and with a weapon like Jamaal Charles they should be putting up some impressive numbers the rest of the season.  It is also confirmed after this win that there will be a post season for the boys in red.  My hope is we can get past the first round this time and make a run to end up in New York to close out the season.

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