Vacancy in the defense


Hello……Hello is anyone there??? (insert cricket noise) Well here we are 11-3 coming off a back to back domination of the Washington Redskins, then our friends…the Oakland Raiders. But these victories are not what they seem, they don’t quite have that defensive domination we are used to. I am not quite sure how to feel about this, I am head over heals at the momentum of the offense, special teams, and who can forget the amazing Jamal Charles. But where is my smack you in the mouth defense? Where is the quarterback in the dirt 4th and 28 defense? This team is on a roll and it is great but the question is, will this defense ┬álose us games instead of winning them the way they have all year? I think this hiccup if you’ll call it that will subside as soon as we get Houston back which will hopefully be sooner than later. The chiefs have a very good team heading into the post season, and lets hope they all show up going forward.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs


Our defense (Swiss Cheese as of late) has failed to show up over the last 5 weeks, except the Washington game. We have been ran on, passed on and everything in between. We cannot possibly keep allowing this to happen going forward, we need to stop the bleeding and stop it now. I watched repeatedly this weekend watching Zombo (great pass rusher, terrible pass coverage!) get picked apart with no safety help. I can’t recall how many touchdowns we have given up by bad safety reads, when our LB’s fall back to help cover they need safety’s to come help pick up the coverage. I secondary continues to be exposed and will until we get back to disrupting the pocket of the Quarterback. With games coming up against Luck, and Rivers we have to disrupt these guys and not allow them all day to pick on our weak back field. It all starts at the line of scrimmage, from the snap to the sack we have to get more push and cause havoc like we have in the beginning of the season. ┬áSo how do you feel Chiefs fans? Will we get our defense back before it’s to late?


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