Week 16 Observations


The Chiefs are coming off a tough loss to the Colts on Sunday and I’m here to go through some of the things the Chiefs need to work on or what to fix for the playoffs and even for next season.

The main part to the game on Sunday that the Chiefs couldn’t get going is the offense. There where many other mistakes that came up during the game, but we’ll get to those later. Now, the offense was  looking great for at least the first couple drives. The first drive ended in Jamaal Charles rushing touchdown, but after that it just went down hill. A fumble from Knile Davis killed the drives and started a series of events to which the Colts took advantage and scored on most of the turnovers they converted.  It wasn’t just the offense that couldn’t get started, I think the defense had one of their worst games this season, and commented too many penalties and dumb mistakes that caused Andrew Luck to stay on the field and score even more points than what they should have had at the end of the game.  It starts to worry myself as we get close to the playoffs and we start to look like a team from last year. The Chiefs cannot make these mistakes and take drives deep for a chance to score. haliii

Next, one thing that has stood out to me in the past couple games is that the defense cannot tackle right now. I understand they are missing Justin Houston, but even with him on the field they couldn’t tackle the way they where in the first half of the season. The secondary is doing a horrible job and will need to see some improvement either in the lineup or just the off-season with new additions. I really like the players the Chiefs have in that secondary, but I start to think that some of the players just don’t fit the defense and could need a move this off-season. I’m not going to say any names, because I still think everyone on the defense is great and still has pro bowl potential. The Chiefs have great raw young talent, they just need some work.

Another thing that I have noticed is that, why is Andy Reid passing the ball from the 10 or 15 yard line. I understand in some cases you need to pass it, but we have a running back by the name of Jamaal Charles. Reid has done this in Philly and I know he is more of a pass first offense, but when you have Charles in the back field, who is a great workhorse and ability to score at anytime, run him the ball. Worst thing that could happen is that he fumbles. He rarely does that even. I really like to watch a pass offense, but I just don’t think the threats we have down field are top tier talent right now. Again, I think it will take them a year or two to get up to pace with these tough defenses in the league. Really, our only big threat right now is Dwayne Bowe. We need another big wide out who can run down the field and make big player. I keep saying this and i’ll say it again, Jeremy Maclin could be that guy to come into KC and provide offense right off the bat. He fits the offense perfect and we have the room to get him. Its going to be a waiting game till they can get their hands on him though.

Lastly, this game against the Colts was an embarrassment and I do not want to see this kind of performance in the playoffs. Thanks.