Chiefs 360 Doing A 180


If you feel like I do after this last performance you feel pretty bad, maybe terrible. The Chiefs got dominated on all sides of the ball against the Colts. Recently, our boys in red havent been playing like the team we saw at the start of the season. I could go farther into this story, but I dont want to. I want to talk about where we came from and where we are at now. Our 2013 Kansas City Chiefs and the amazing turnaround.

Lets go back a couple years. Remember where we were? Pathetic, a laughing stock of the biggest sport in America. Planes flying over our beloved Arrowhead with banners requesting change. A blackout game against the Bengals (that I atteneded in pure frusteration), and empty seats everywhere. Fans were sick and tired of the regime put in charge to bring this team to glory. Pioli and his ego were unwilling to let go of Matt Cassel. When he did, he turned those reins over to the rocket arm or Brady Quinn. Botched pick after botched pick, this team kept digging itself a deeper grave. I will speak about the 2012 Chiefs, this anemic year changed the landscape of this organazation. This team was aweful, one of the worst offensive teams in the history of the NFL. We averaged 13 points per game offensivly, allowing 26 per contest. A turnover ratio of –24. We had 5,000 yards of combined offense. Peyton Manning threw for 5,000 yards this year, by himself. I think those numbers are enough for those who are already cringing thier fists and gritting thier teeth. Facts are the facts, this team was downright dreadful and a discrace to be on the playing field. With a 2-14 record and the #1 pick locked up Pioli and his entire JV squad were out. My apologies for bringing that name up again in our city.

With Andy Ried out in Philadephia, the fit was perfect. A bright, offensive minded coach with a resume that spoke for itself. Immediately we knew we would have a new signal caller in this city. Clark Hunt was willing to make changes, and changes he made. Clark hired Reid and John Dorsey from Green Bay to bring in the correct core to support our six pro bowlers. It started with getting a quarterback, our Alex Smith. Like him or not, he is a huge reason this team is winning and dont have to wait until week 17 to sneak in the playoffs. His numbers are solid, but I will talk about Alex at a later date in the offseason. You want a turnaround? How about 28 points a game offensivly, allowing 18. Both top five in the NFL. They have 44 sacks, four punt/kickoff returns for TD’s. Their turnover ratio is +17. Chiefs can now score, doubling thier offensive production from last year. What a difference a year makes, with the correct executives in place to push the right buttons, results appeared. Mr. Hunt, well done.

Be happy as fans for right now as this team is going into the playoffs. We have executives we can now trust to make the right moves to better this team for our future. Your Kansas City Chiefs have made one of the biggest seasonal changes in NFL history. No matter what happens in the next weeks, this team has a bright future in front of it. For the record, I am not conceding a loss in the playoffs. I forever stand by my team and I expect them to win every game. I am just not one that forgets where we came from. I am proud as a fan to be an 11 win team now with the ability to make noise in the playoffs, rather than a 2 win team wondering who the prospects are. I am more confident now than ever that these next years of the Chiefs are going to be exciting. This has been an amazing year, now lets make some noise in the playoffs. Chiefs Kingdom stand up!