To Rest or Not to Rest


The question has been posed all week by you the fans and the media: What should Andy Reid do this week with his starters, considering the game doesn’t mean anything, at least on paper. The Chiefs have wrapped up the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs and can do nothing to improve or hurt their current seed.  So should Andy Reid rest his starters against the San Diego Chargers this weekend? The short answer is no. Why risk the possibility of some key starters getting hurt in a game that means nothing and does the extra week off really help anyways? Makes sense right? The correct answer is a bit blurry as the Chiefs struggled against the Colts in last Sunday’s game. My answer is that Reid should play his starters and here are the reasons why.

Alex Smith - Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
Continue to develop offensive continuity.
The Chiefs’ offense has been a work in progress for most of the year and they may have had their worst performance all year last Sunday against the Colts scoring only seven points and turning the ball over repeatedly. Why not at least play the starters at for a half and see how things go and if it gets ugly, sit them for the rest of the game and put in the backups. Another approach could be that Reid sits certain starters over others depending on how he feels their development in the offense has gone through the first 15 games. One example would be, sit Jamaal Charles because he has obviously had a great year, but play Eric Fisher and the rest of the offensiveness line to continue their continuity and be ready to roll in the playoffs.

Take away the Chargers possible playoff birth
It won’t be easy, but the Chargers have an outside shot at the playoffs. What better late Christmas gift to Chiefs’ fans then Alex Smith and company knocking out the hated Philip Rivers led Chargers? I understand that it’s no reason to play your starters, but it would be a nice bonus don’t you think?

Overall Andy Reid has some tough decisions to make going into this Sunday, as he must weight the pro’s and con’s of starting or sitting his starters since injury is always a concern, but cohesiveness and continuity are also very important. Either way, the Chiefs will have a playoff game next week and for me and all Chiefs’ fans, we can be thankful for that.


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