2014 Chiefs Opponents Released


The 2013-2014 regular season is done and the Chiefs are in the playoffs. Aside of that the NFL has came out with the full list of the Chiefs opponents next season.

The schedule looks a lot harder from this season and should be a nice challenge for the Chiefs. Here is the full list of Home and Away games that will take place for the Chiefs next season:

HOME: Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans,  Seattle Seahawks

AWAY: Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers

There is no dates or order of the schedule just yet, so we will have to wait till about April until they release the full schedule.  hi-res-157355737_crop_650x440

I can already tell that its going to be a rough year next year, but I do see getting the better half of these teams.

This is going to be a by far harder year, but I do see getting 11 wins out of those games. Teams like the Steelers, Cardinals, and the Jets are going to be the teams that hard to predict. I do see wins out of those three teams, but we don’t know who they will have next year.

Should be an interesting year and looking forward to show those Seahawks fans what real crowd is next year.

Can’t wait.

Tell me on Twitter or comment below on what you think of the Chiefs opponents next year. Do you see a winning record or losing record? @BlakeDaSnake35