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Colts are playing the Chiefs again in the playoffs. This Saturday, at 3:30 the two teams will have their rematch from two weeks ago. In the past the playoffs and even the regular season the Colts have had the Chiefs number. I am not here to talk about regular or post season win/loss records. It simply does not apply to what this game has in store for us. What I am concerned about is what happened two weeks ago in Arrowhead and how the Chiefs move forward to get this win on Saturday. This is a opportunity for this organazation to put one foot forward for the future of the Cheifs. Another, to erase past memories for my generation (I am 30) and those who are even younger than me, some that may have not even seen a plaoff victory.

Lets start and quickly summorize the game two weeks ago in Arrowead, a 23-7 lopsided loss. Our Chiefs looked flat and just could get nothing going offensivlly. Defense blew many coverages and penalties killed them in getting off the field in third down situations. Sean Smith and obviously Kendrick Lewis stuck out as defensive liaibilities in this game particually. I reviewed this game again and took a closer look into it, trying to see if what happened two weeks ago can be fixed. I believe it can, and it will.

The Colts are a team that run about 80% of their snaps in the shotgun formation. They of course pass out of it, but run out of it as well. From what I saw they love the handoff draw up the A gap. This opens up the outside for later, or for Luck’s passing game. They are incredibly balanaced offensively. Luck likes to get the ball out of his hand quickly, even with the loss of Reggie Wayne they utilize their weapons effectivly. Luck didnt throw too many balls between the haskmarks, he primarly stayed outside of them. He took what our defense gave him and took a couple shots deep that proved to be ineffective. I think we saw the best defense from the Colts in this game, I still think they are vulnerable in the secondary, this leads to my next take.

Alex Smith, its your time. If he wants to be our guy going forward he must make major adjustments from what he did two weeks ago. The game where he threw for 132 yards. Charles is going to do his thing, he is going to get his. They know its coming, but there is nothing they can do. This game is won by Smith’s ability to get the ball vertical. He has to take what the defense gives him, but he needs to take his shots downfield. If he has a nice pocket, he has to make plays. If it breaks down he needs to roll out and utilize his legs. A franchise quarterback is a guy that can go on the road and get his team a win. No more “ok” play out of the most important position in the game. If he can not get the job done we must get a guy in here that will. It has been 21 years, thats too long. Our defense allows 23 again and we lose, I will not accept it.

Pretty simple for the defense I think. Of course they will benefit from having Justin Houston back, hes a playmaker. They had their week off, now its real. Poe does his job in the middle by stopping the run up the A gap. If he gets the occasional pressure that is a plus. Hali and Houston need to do their job and get pressure on Luck, creating as much havoc for him as possible. Sacks are huge, but hurries are also important. Pressure only helps your secondary out, which both have been weak lately. They need to do simple things like that, get off the field on third down, and tackle. It sounds so fundamental, but we  lacked it two weeks ago. No more blown coverages, every man has his job. They are paid well to do it and I expect them to execute as a team defensivly.

We got beat in our house, now its time to go to their house and let them set their tee times this offseason. Smith needs to put this team on his back and our defense needs to execute, fundametally, as a team. Nothing can be held back for this one, Kansas City fans deserve a playoff win. We are straved for it, and medicore play will no longer be tolared. Its time for our Chiefs team to step up and get the job done. Smith, defense the move is on you.

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By Matt Hendrickson follow on Twitter @KC_Hindo





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