Draft prospect WR Kelvin Benjamin


Well that time of year has come once again for us all to sit back and reflect on this past season, and look forward to the next! We have seen the weakness in our team all year and now it is time to try and fix all of these “weak spots”. The Kansas City Chiefs have a decent amount of spots to fill, some can be filled in-house, some in free agency, and then some will be in the draft coming up in ¬†April. I believe the first pick in the draft has to be a “big”, “physical”, “strong” receiver on the other side of Bowe. There are quite a few good receiver’s available, but I feel that there is one in particular that I think will be available at #23.


kelvin benjamin 2


Kelvin Benjamin: 6’5″ 235 pounds

Kelvin Benjamin is a very physical man off the line, he repeatedly dominated the first 5 yards this last season. Kelvin runs very crisp routes which causes lots of confusion in the backfield which leaves other wide receivers open. I particularly recall the game against Florida where he ran a slant route caught the ball broke 4-5 tackles and scored a TD. I feel he has the ability to open so much for our team, and our offense’s cross routes. His massive frame allows him to shake of tackles, and his vertical game will push the new breed of taller corners. Kelvin does lack blow away speed but he is no slouch when it comes to making plays. His speed I feel is what I like to call “shotgun speed”. He blasts off the line but seems to lose his speed towards the end of deep routes. I really feel he would compliment, or even take Bowe’s job. I feel he is more physical and stronger than Bowe, I have seen many times this year Bowe get pushed around by DB’s half his size!

So here is to fingers crossed that the cards fall in our favor and we add this monster to our roster and I think he can help us to get to the next level.


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