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As you have read in earlier articles this week the Chiefs are looking to add certain pieces to thier mystery puzzle. It would be nice if this were like baseball with no salary cap. Unfortunately, this is not the case in football so spending your money wisely is important. We know we have 11 pro bowlers and several other good players to go forward with. Like most teams the Chiefs have holes and they need to be filled soon before the talent currently on the roster goes to waste.

Currently the Chiefs sit just under $116 million which puts them $2.4 million under the cap according to  A salary cap increase to $126.3 million is expected for the 2014 season. The Chiefs will have some options with their cap, but not much now. Their moves will have to be precise. They need to allow money to sign draft picks along with free agents, while also keeping the eye on the future.

In order to bring in the players the Chiefs need they must create the cap space necessary to do so. I am in agreement with most, Brandon Albert will most likely walk. Business-wise this move makes sense. They drafted Eric Fisher last year #1 overall to play on the left side, if he struggles they still have Donald Stephenson. Albert walking opens up $10 million, money that the Chiefs need. Another name that sticks out is Dunta Robinson, his play for the Chiefs was terrible. I could almost guarantee this cut. This opens up another 3 million for the Chiefs to bring in another player or two. Sean Smith is on the hot seat as well, as the draft is very deep at corner. They have the ability to draft more talented corners at a much lower price. I also think there will be some offseason moves on the offense as well, possibly with tight end Anthony Fasano. Most of the offense is fairly sound, and Reid may only need to make a few changes here or there.

We are likely to see other options utilized in order to clear some cap space like restructuring contracts. This does not always mean the player gets paid less money, it just provides flexability with contracts spreading the money out differently. Four names at the top of the list, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, and Brandon Flowers. Bowe’s contract has the most guaranteed money with the most length left, thats one I would see getting reworked. If I were betting, the second would be Brandon Flowers. Guaranteed money never changes, but some other areas may. I do not seeing all four getting restructured, but we will most likely see at least two be reworked.

Keep in mind they are working on extending Alex Smith, and Justin Houston is a free agent after the 2014 season. The Chiefs are going to need to clear up some cap space in these two contracts alone if they choose to sign them long term. Assuming Albert walks and some of the aforementioned moves are made, the Chiefs will have around $20 million in cap space available to work with. That is much better than the $2.4 million they have now. NFL contracts are complicated, but there are loopholes for John Dorsey and company to work around. This is just a small sample of what I think will be done. If the Chiefs had around $20 million to spend, they could sign their draft picks while also landing a couple big free agents. This is the first step, next, free agency on March 11.



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