Report: Chiefs Sign CFL WR, Weston Dressler


We all know the Chiefs need a lot more help receiving wise and by the looks of things they are going after just that this off-season.

A couple of weeks ago they worked out some players to possibly join the team for next year. One of those players was CFL Wide Receiver Weston Dressler.  He has been a great deal of force in the CFL and has been showing the NFL that he can come play in a better competition.


7 Weston Dressler 4

Even though he is a smaller guy, listed at 5’8 and 180 lbs. The Chiefs could fill him in many spots. I have watched a little bit of highlights and games of Dressler and one thing that stands right out to me is his toughness and his hands. He isn’t afraid to take a hit over the middle and can bring in the ball really smooth.

If this deal goes through and he can make it through training camp, I would love to see what Andy Reid would do with him and see how he can do in the NFL. I think its a good move…so far.


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