Free Agency Focus: Ben Tate


With the Super Bowl finished up and the Off-Season kicking up into high gear, I’m here to show you players who I think will either try to go after or should go after this off-season.  The first player I want to focus on is coming out of free-agency and has proven to be a excellent running back and a guy who can play with great hands as an addition to his arsenal.

Ben Tate – He has been in Houston for years now and has been a great backup option for the Texans and Arian Foster. Tate fits what the Chiefs are looking for in a secondary back. He has the size, speed, and the 3rd down type to him. We all know that Jamaal Charles is a outstanding back and has that workhorse mentality to him, but if the Chiefs can bring in Ben Tate that would bring a whole lot of work of the shoulders of Charles. The Chiefs do have some young guys to help out in the back field, but Knile Davis isn’t the ideal back the Chiefs need to grow on. He is very injury prone and has had his fair share in the NFL and college. I do like Davis, but I would trust Tate over him. Not only does Tate bring work away from Charles; he does fit Andy Reid’s offense very well. Ben Tate brings a player that can catch all of those screen plays Reid likes to run and also be a red-zone threat to bring in. Ben Tate

Lastly, the one risk that I see if they go after Tate is of course…money. He isn’t going to be cheap and the Chiefs don’t have a whole lot of money to blow on someone like Tate. Now, I am saying that this could be a deal that could come late in the off-season and almost be a filler in the back field. I did want to bring up the idea of signing a running back because people don’t understand that after Jamaal Charles that back field is very sketchy. Other than that I do think the Chiefs have other positions to worry about and this could be a great signing to add to this offense.


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