Beyond The Border Free Agency: Zack Bowman


Hello Chiefs Kingdom! Lucas Hampton here bringing you another Beyond The Border Free Agency! The series about upcoming free agents from other teams that could be a help to the guys in red and gold. The last two posts in this series have been focused on the offense, I think that it’s about time that the focus be shifted back to the defense. This particular post will look at the defensive backfield again but this time at the corner back position. Before things really get going here, I want to give a little personal history regarding myself and the Chiefs.

I was brought up by wonderful parents who are both Chiefs fans. I grew up a nerdy video game junkie who only played sports when my parents put me in them, I didn’t care about football. Starting after the 2008 season though, things changed. I had some close friends who were big fans of the Indianapolis Colts and after a long time of listening to them talk about football, I decided to give it a shot. My video game junkie self went and got Madden NFL 09 and started Franchise mode with the Colts. When the 2009 season began, I started to get into the world of sports news, journalism, and media. I read articles, I memorized stats. I became a Colts band-wagoner as they started out the season 14-0. When they lost their next two games, I promptly got bored of them and began searching for a new team to follow. That was when I caught wind of a miracle win by the Kansas City Chiefs over the Denver Broncos in the final game of the season. I looked at that win and caught myself up on the team and its recent happenings and then it clicked. I found my team.

As I studied and learned about the Chiefs, I saw that we had a very skilled pair of corner backs in Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr, but that our third corner spot was lacking most of the time. When Scott Pioli, The Great Defiler of Franchises  general manager at the time, selected Javier Arenas in the 2010 NFL Draft, I remember hoping that we had found our third corner. That selection came with mixed results. Then Carr was allowed to walk onto the open market and Stanford Routt was signed to take his place, then cut 8 weeks into the season and Jalil Brown and Javier Arenas traded off at the number 2 and 3 corner spots. That combination was less than stellar. When Andy Reid and John Dorsey came to town, and Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson were signed, I was happy. Perhaps we had found some good corners to fill the holes. Well, Robinson was more a detriment than he was a help. With Marcus Cooper being exposed due to his lack of experience on a consistent basis, the need arose for a new corner to replace Robinson and give some help to Marcus Cooper.

Alright Chiefs Kingdom, history lesson is over and now we move on to the good stuff. The Chiefs need another corner! I bring to you: Zack Bowman. Zack Bowman went to college at Nebraska, playing for two seasons and catching 3 interceptions in his time there. He entered the 2008 NFL Draft and was selected in the 5th round by the Chicago Bears. Bowman, in his rookie season, played in only one game. In that one game, he deflected one pass, caught one interception, and recovered one fumble for a touchdown. That is rather impressive for just one game! The next season, Bowman started 12 games, catching 6 interceptions, forcing one fumble, and racking up 55 tackles. From 2010-2011, he started 4 games and forced a total of two fumbles and recovered two as well. 2012 saw him deflecting only 2 passes. 2013 saw Bowman start 7 games with an interception returned for a touchdown on top of two other picks, deflecting 7 passes, and making 45 tackles. For a 5th round selection, that’s pretty impressive. His contract with the Bears is up, he has some good experience and is a talented player with a few more years ahead of him. But how does he fit in Kansas City? Zack Bowman stands 6’1″ and weighs 197 pounds. He is a tall, physical corner who plays well in a man-coverage type defense. He has good ball awareness and possesses good tackling ability as last season he averaged over 6 tackles in the 7 games he started. Since Kansas City already has Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith entrenched at the top two corner positions, Bowman could come in and give Marcus Cooper a veteran presence to learn from. Bowman most likely would take the spot from Cooper so that would allow the young player time to continue to learn and develop while giving our defense a boost in the secondary. Considering Bowman’s draft status, his starting experience, and his production, he may ask for a fairly decent contract so it may be a bit tougher of a signing but given the role he would play, that may drive the price down along with his age. Zack Bowman fits the kind of corner back that Andy Reid wants in his defense here in Kansas City, he still has a few quality football years left in him. He is battle-tested and very talented. He would come at a decent price and would provide a veteran presence to help teach the younger, up and coming guys, and provide a much needed boost to our defense that is lacking a bit. What do you think Chiefs Kingdom? Is Zack Bowman a good target? This has been Lucas Hampton with Beyond The Border Free Agency! As always, thank you for reading and…



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