In-House Free Agency Focus: Jon Asamoah


Not too long ago, Jon Asamoah was considered the future of the interior offensive line. He was considered a steal in the third round in 2010 and proceeded to play in all but two games (and impressively) in his three seasons heading in to the 2013 campaign. He appeared to be in line for a substantial raise this offseason, but a season hampered by injuries and the emergence of veteran Geoff Schwartz has placed Asamoah’s future as a Chief in doubt.

 Player: Jon Asamoah

Position: Guard

Status: Unrestricted free agent

Situation: Asamoah began 2013 as a starting guard but eventually lost his job to Geoff Schwartz.

Asamoah has long been talked about because of his potential. While his play the past four seasons has been serviceable, the status quo seemed to be that he hadn’t yet reached his ceiling as a professional. This can work while a player is still young and inexpensive, but Asamoah quietly had the third largest cap number of the Chiefs’ free agents this offseason at 1.5 million. He’s certainly worth that and probably more on the open market, so the Chiefs have a serious decision to make.

The question here is simple: do Dorsey and co. believe Asamoah has progressed how they’d like? If we’re using the season as an indicator, the answer would be no. Schwartz outplayed Asamoah and eventually forced him off the field altogether. Schwartz is also a free agent and proved himself worthy of a starter’s salary, meaning the Chiefs likely cannot afford to keep them both.

As I’ve stated previously, I’d prefer to keep Schwartz. He’s certainly the riskier proposition, considering this past year was easily his best season as a professional, but he was simply the better player in 2013. Schwartz’s ability to play tackle also makes him a more valuable commodity, in my opinion.

On the other hand, I could see management signing Asamoah instead. Asamoah is younger and, while Schwartz has probably reached his ceiling (which I’m comfortable with), they may think Asamoah still has room to grow.

But ultimately, if the Chiefs are trying to win now, resigning Asamoah just doesn’t really make sense. Money is tight and his play didn’t impress enough people, including the ones making the decisions.


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