Kansas City Chiefs 2014 7 Round Mock Draft


Hello again readers!  We are now only 38 days away from the start of the NFL Draft, and as free agency begins to slow down, we can begin to get a better sense of which direction teams are looking to go in the upcoming draft, however this is not the case for the Chiefs.  The Chiefs lost several starters from last season, and appear to have no definite starter at Right Guard or Free Safety, and are lacking in Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks.  With all of these holes to fill, and limited money to spend on the remaining free agents, the Chiefs have to fill their needs through the draft.  For the purpose of this mock draft, I will be assuming that the Chiefs do not sign DeSean Jackson, and do not make any trades to acquire more draft picks. So let’s take a look at whom I believe the Chiefs will select with their six picks in this year’s draft.


odell beckham jrRound 1: Odell Beckham Jr., WR LSU

There could be a case made for the Chiefs to take any of several Wide Receivers in this position, but I feel that Beckham Jr. has the best chance to succeed within Andy Reid’s offense.  Beckham Jr. is a play maker who averaged 19.5 yards per catch during his time at LSU.  He meets the profile of the type of WR we are looking for at 6’0″ 187 lbs., and even at his size, he is a tough Receiver who can come across the middle of the field and make the catch even after receiving (no pun intended) a punishing hit.  Given time to develop in Andy Reid’s system, I believe that Beckham Jr. will eventually take Dwayne Bowe’s spot as the team’s number one Receiver.


jimmie ward 1Round 3: Jimmie Ward, Safety NIU

At this point, the Chiefs would still be in desperate need of a safety.  I know he’s not Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, or Calvin Pryor, but Jimmie Ward of Northern Illinois is still a very talented Safety with great instincts who should not be over looked.  His great instincts are what make me think that he would be a good fit for our defense because instincts are exactly what Kendrick Lewis lacked.  Ward’s small size is a bit of a concern, but in the late third round the Chiefs will be running out of starting caliber Safties to draft.  With one of the best Safeties in the NFL to learn under in Eric Berry, Jimmie Ward should be able to learn a lot, and with the help of Sanders Commings, the Chiefs could have a potent back half of their secondary.

Baylor-CyrilRound 4: Cyril Richardson, OG Baylor

This may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part, but after a very poor showing at both the Senior Bowl, and Scouting Combine, Cyril Richardson has seen his draft stock plummet from round one to somewhere in the middle of the draft.  Still, Richardson had a great season within the BIG 12, and received many accolades for his performance.  It is very possible that he will not be available for the Chiefs to take in the fourth round, but if he is, the Chiefs have to jump at the oppurtunity.  Richardson has the raw strength, and athletic ability to be a greate Guard in the NFL, but the question is does he have good enough footwork to compete with NFL level competition.  As a fourth round pick, the worst case scenario for the Chiefs is that Richardson becomes a solid backup, and if he’s available the Chiefs should not hesitate to take him.

dri-archer-by-lindsayjf91Round 5: Dri Archer, OW Kent State

The bottom line is that the Chiefs need more playmakers in order to have a successful offense, and Archer is the very definition of a playmaker.  Archer would fill Dexter McCluster’s shoes from day one if the Chiefs were to draft him.  Archer is similar to McCluster in almost every way, but Archer is even faster than McCluster.  McCluster had success under special teams coach Dave Toub, and was a large part of KC’s offensive game plan week in and week out. I feel that Archer would be an upgrade to Dexter McCluster from day one, and I think that he could go down as one of the greatest kick and punt Returners of all time.  The Chiefs return game, and offense would be greatly improved with the addition of Archer, and combined with the return expertise of Canadian football league star Weston Dressler, the Chiefs could have the best special teams in the entire NFL.

dontae johnsonRound 6: Dontae Johnson, CB North Carolina State

The Chiefs Cornerbacks got progressively worse as the season went along, and they need to address the position at some point in this year’s draft. Johnson could go sooner than the sixth round, but if he’s available, the Chiefs should definitely bring him in. Johnson embodies the type of Corner that Bob Sutton is looking for to play in his defense; Johnson stands at 6’2″ and weighs 200 lbs.  Dontae has all of the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, but seems to lack the instincts that teams desire. I know that with the great coaching staff we have here in Kansas City, we could turn Dontae Johnson into a success story, and who knows, he could one day become the Chief’s starting Cornerback.

allen hurns 1Round 7: Allen Hurns, WR Miami

Allen Hurns is a player that I think could be a late round steal.  He’s quick, has decent hands, and he has the height and weight (6’1″ 198lbs.) to play in a West Coast system.  Hurns has very thin arms and legs, and because of this I am concerned that he will struggle against press coverage. Although he is thin, Hurns seemed to always find a way to get open during his time at Miami, which is something that many Chief’s Receiver lacked last year. All in all if we picked Hurns in the seventh round, the worst case scenario is that he would be so bad that he would be out of the league within a few years, and even then it wouldn’t hurt the team very much. He’s a player who has the potential to make an impact on offense from day one.

So what do you think readers, would you be happy if this is how the draft were to play out?  I could see several of these players being gone before it is the Chief’s turn to pick, but it is all just speculation at this point.  Whatever you think be sure to let me know either in the comments, or on twitter (@KC_Smallz). Last, but certainly not least,



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