Draft Prospect: OW Dri Archer


Hello again readers!  We are now only 29 days away from the 2014 NFL Draft, and if that doesn’t blow your mind, try to figure out whom the Chiefs will draft with the 23rd overall pick.  This question has stumped me, as well as some professional NFL Analysts such as Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, or Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN, and is not an easy question to answer.  The prospect that I am writing about today should not be taken in the first round, but I do believe that the Kansas City Chiefs should select him somewhere between the third and fifth round, and that prospect is Dri Archer.  To give you a better idea of why I think the Chiefs are a perfect fit for Archer, let’s take a look at what Archer did at Kent State.


Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Kent State?! This guy hasn’t played against any real competition!”  I will remind you  that Antonio Gates also came from Kent State, and has had a very successful NFL career.  Robert Mathis one of the best Defensive Ends in the game today went to Alabama A&M.  It doesn’t matter where a player came from, or who he played against, all that matters is how their talent translates to the NFL.  That being said, I don’t think that Archer’s talents will be well suited for every team, in fact, I think only a handful of teams will be able to utilize him properly, but I believe that the Chiefs are one of those teams. Archer had his best season during his Junior year of college during which time he rushed for 1,429 yards on 159 attempts giving him an average of 9 yards per carry.  Out of his 159 attempts, Archer took 16 of them into the end zone.  But at 5’8″ 175 lbs., Archer lacks the size to be an every down type of Runningback in the NFL, in fact, I don’t think Archer should be used as a traditional RB at all.  I think where Archer will truly shine in the NFL is in the slot.  During his Junior year, Archer caught only 39 passes, but he gained 561 receiving yards giving him a yard per catch average of 14.4, and he scored through the air 4 times.  That’s not all that he can do though; Archer was also a lethal Kick Returner, and during his Junior year of college, he returned only 16 kicks, but he returned those kicks for 591 yards, and 3 touchdowns giving him a whopping 36.9 yard average per return.  After reading all of his statistics, whom does Archer remind you of?  I can’t answer for you, but Archer reminds me a lot of Dexter McCluster, but I believe that Archer would be an upgrade to McCluster, and at least initially, he would come at a cheaper price.  The bottom line is, for the Chiefs offense to succeed, it needs playmakers who can take the ball to the endzone every time they touch the ball, and Dri Archer can do just that.  There are two reasons that Archer was successful during his time at Kent State: speed, and elusiveness.  Archer posted the second fastest 40 yard dash time that the combine has ever seen at 4.26 seconds (officially). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtaIutUfRyA  However, even at great speeds, Archer has the ability to stop on a dime, change direction, and make defenders miss in the open field.  You may think that Archer wouldn’t be very tough given his small size, but you would be wrong; Archer ran between the Tackles decisively, and without complaint during his time at Kent State.  Archer is also surprisingly strong for his size; he bench pressed 20 reps at 225 lbs. during the Combine.  All of these things make me think that Archer would be well worth a fourth or fifth round pick, but Archer’s game isn’t perfect.  Here are some reasons to be concerned about drafting Dri Archer.


Archer’s size, and durability are the two things that concern me the most about him.  The reason that I listed stats from his Junior year is because he was hurt for a good portion of his Senior year, and the NFL is full of many more bigger, stronger defenders than he saw during his time at Kent State.  Much like Knile Davis, Archer is prone to fumbling the ball, and his ball security will be a concern at the next level.  Archer shows promise as a slot Receiver, but his catch radius is small, and his focus is poor which sometimes leads to drops.  Archer is a horrendous pass blocker, often lower his head, and simply lunging at defenders.  My final knock on Archer is that occasionally he will try to do to much with a play, and will sacrifice yards in an effort to make a spectacular play.  Overall, I think Archer has many of the tools that make up great players, but he is very raw and unrefined.  It will take excellent coaching at the next level for Archer to reach his maximum potential, which I know that Andy Reid and company could provide.  Here are some of Archer’s best plays during his college career https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX4IAY3d2io

So what do you think readers?  Should the Chiefs take Archer, or one of my other personal favorites De’Anthony Thomas?  Or, Should they avoid taking an offensive Weapon type of player all together?  Whatever your opinion is, be sure to let me know what you think either in the comments of this post, or on twitter (@KC_Smallz is my twitter handle).  Last, but certainly not least,




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