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Hello fellow Chiefs fans. I was sitting in a Louisville, KY hotel room last week thinking about what my first blog topic would be. Football has become a year round source for news and events. There are however a few dead spots in the calendar, and we happen to be in one right now. You can only do so many mock drafts and go over the team needs so many times before you need something tangible to talk about.  Knowing that I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself the Chiefs Kingdom, and fans of this site, as well as give my thoughts on the overall direction of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sports has always been a part of my life. I came to Kansas City in 1998 when I was in 7th grade. My father had just retired from the Navy, and we were moving back “home”. Growing up I lived in San Diego, and followed the San Diego Chargers when I first started getting in to football. Lets just chalk that up to not knowing any better at the time. The upside of that is that I have seen my favorite team play in the Super Bowl in my lifetime. Anyway knowing that Kansas City was going to be the place I grew up I really settled in to following the Chiefs and the Royals. I came in to the fan base at an odd time. The Marty era was coming to an end, the career of Derrick Thomas was about to come to a tragic end, and the franchise was about to experience some down times. (As I write this I can’t help but wonder if I brought the bad luck!)

So why blog about the Chiefs?  Well that is a long story, but here is the short version. I have always loved sports, all sports. I will watch and talk about mostly anything. I never had that childhood dream of being the starting QB of the Kansas City Chiefs, or replacing George Brett at 3rd base for the Royals. I am in a wheelchair, so I knew from a pretty young age that those things were not options for me. I knew though that whatever  did with my life sports needed to be involved, so I focused on being a writer, talker, and I coach a wheelchair basketball travel team. Chiefs360 gave me my first opportunity to be a published sports writer, so that is why I am here today.

So what do I think about the state of the Chiefs today? Earlier I pointed out that I moved to Kansas City toward the end of the Marty Era, and missed much of the success(and heartbreak) that many have experienced. I am proud to say though that I think we are about to enter a new “golden era” of Chiefs football. I think we finally have the right people in leadership spots to take this organization to the next level. Andy Reid is a proven coach who has had his teams on the brink of greatness many times. You know he is as hungry to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Kansas City, as Chiefs fans are to receive it. I think that John Dorsey has the right vision to make the Chiefs successful. Can he put that plan in motion? it is to early to tell really, but I think that he has the team headed in the right direction . Despite last years success this is not going to happen overnight. The Chiefs have some holes they need to fill, some aging players they need to make decisions on, and young players they need to make sure they keep. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect the Chiefs to take a step back record wise, but still be headed in a positive direction. I think the Chiefs are a couple years away from cleaning up the previous regimes mess up, and becoming a legit super bowl contender in the AFC.

In future blog entries I will talk about some of the issues that I think face Andy Reid, John Dorsey and the rest of the Chiefs organization. I think they have some choices to make that will drastically shape the direction this team goes in the next couple years with their draft picks, and free agent signings.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this first entry. Interact with me on twitter @Ryansublett1 . Ill be happy to take feedback, welcomes, questions, debate, topic ideas, whatever you have

Go Chiefs!

Ryan Sublett


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