Another Chiefs 7 Round Mock Draft


Hello again readers!  Can you believe that there are only twelve days that stand between us and the beginning of the 2014 NFL Draft?  I can hardly contain my excitement as I anticipate who the Chiefs will add via the draft, and how they will impact the team in the upcoming season.  Before I list the six picks (remember I do not include trades in my mock drafts) that I think the Chiefs could make, I have two questions to ask you.  There has been talk recently of Teddy Bridgewater (who I believe is the most talented QB in this year’s draft) falling all the way into the second round.  If Teddy Bridgewater were available at 23, would you want the Chiefs to take him, or are you content with Alex Smith?  Secondly, the popular thing to do in many mocks this year is have the Chiefs select a Wide Receiver.  Would you as fans be satisfied if the Chiefs selected a player who played a position other than Wide Receiver?

Two more disclaimers before I begin this mock draft: in my previous mocks, I have always had the Chiefs taking a Wide Receiver in the first round which is why in this mock draft I will not have them taking a Wide Receiver.  Lastly, there has been talk that the Chiefs are content with their Safety situation as it stands now which is why I will also not have the Chiefs taking a Safety in this mock draft.  That being said, after you finish reading this mock, I would like you to view my previous mock draft and tell me in the comments.  With all of that out of the way, let’s get into this mock draft.


kyle van noyRound 1: Kyle Van Noy 6’3″ 245 lbs. LB BYU

Some of you may look at this and think, “You gotta be kidding me,” but I’m not.  Not only do the Chiefs need better edge rushers that they can sub in for Hali and Houston when they get tired, but they need to begin searching for Hali’s replacement.  Van Noy could potentially fill both of these roles, but he’s versatile enough that he could also play Inside Linebacker, and replace Derrick Johnson when he decides to retire.  Van Noy is has very good instincts, and diagnoses plays very quickly.  Another thing that I really like about Van Noy is that he plays the run very well which is crucial to success as a 3-4 OLB.  Van Noy has some work to do in regards to pass rushing as he lacks explosiveness off the line, and sometimes fails to convert speed to power.  Overall, I think Van Noy would give the Chiefs a very versatile defender who after learning under one of the best Linebacker corps in the league could turn into a perennial pro bowler.

josh huffRound 3: Josh Huff 5’11” 205 lbs. WR Oregon

While I did specify that I would not take a WR in the first round in this mock draft, I do believe that the Chiefs need to address the position at some point in the draft.  Josh Huff fits the bill of a Wide Receiver in the West Coast offense.  He has all of the qualities I like to see in an NFL Wide Receiver; he’s tough, and won’t back down from anyone, has a good set of hand, and is quick enough to make things happen after the catch.  The main question with Huff is if he can get enough separation from defenders at the next level; at Oregon he would make his catches in a lot of space as opposed to tight man-to-man coverage.  I think Huff has the agility, quickness, and route running ability to be a successful Receiver in the  NFL, which is why I think he would be a solid pick for the Chiefs if he were available in the third round.

cj fiedorowiczRound 4: C.J. Fiedorowicz 6’7″ 265 lbs. TE Iowa

The Chiefs were very beat up at the Tight End position last season, so adding one in the draft makes sense.  I like Fiedorowicz for a couple of reasons, the first being that he is the best blocker at the Tight End position in this class, and the second being that he is already a very good Receiver in the red zone.  Fiedorowicz needs to improve his receiving ability everywhere else on the field, but I believe that he could eventually develop into a good downfield Receiver.  As for his role on the team as a rookie, Fiedorowicz could be used to open up holes on the outside for Charles to run through, something that our TIght Ends last year struggled to do consistently.  Paired with last years 3rd round pick Travis Kelce, I think the Chiefs could end up with a potent Tight End combo for years to come.

dontae johnsonRound 5: Dontae Johnson 6’2″ 195 lbs. CB North Carolina State

I had the Chiefs taking Johnson in the sixth round in my previous mock draft, but I’m not sure they can risk missing out on him.  Johnson meets the criteria of a John Dorsey Cornerback standing at 6’2″ tall.  Not only that, but Johnson excels at man-to-man coverage which the Chiefs happen to run a lot of.  He needs to refine his coverage skills, and get better at tackling, and stopping the run, but I feel that Johnson is Cornerback that the Chiefs cannot miss out on in the 2014 Draft even if that means drafting him in the third round.  A duo of Johnson and Smith on the outside while Flowers covers the slot along with rotating Cooper in every now and again gives the Chiefs a much brighter outlook on the Corner position in 2014.

Russell BodineRound 6: Russell Bodine 6’4″ 310 lbs. OG North Carolina

The Chiefs would do themselves a favor by adding some depth to their offensive line in this draft, and I believe that Russell Bodine is a player who could do just that.  Bodine is a very raw prospect, and will need good coaching to reach his true potential, but potential is something that he has a lot of.  Bodine posted a combine best 42 bench press reps, and displayed his explosive abilities in other areas as well.  Bodine showed off his explosive abilities during his time at UNC, and appears to be an athletic freak.  With Big Red coaching him, I believe that Bodine could eventually become the Chiefs starting Guard or Center, but for now he will have to be content with sitting behind Hudson and Allen for a few seasons.

henry joseyRound 7: Henry Josey 5’10” 190 lbs. RB Missouri

Jamaal Charles carried the ball a lot last season, and if the Chiefs want to keep their superstar Runningback healthy, they need to find a way to split up the carries more in the backfield.  While the Chiefs did draft Knile Davis in the 4th round of last year’s draft, I still feel that the Chiefs are in need of one more solid RB.  Josey is a bit of an injury concern as he missed the entire 2012 season after tearing several ligaments in his knee, but I feel he is worthy of a 7th round selection.  Josey is quick, agile, and has the speed to break a big play every now and again.  Josey does need proper coaching to turn into a successful NFL Runningback, but I think that he could take Knile Davis’ Number two spot eventually.  Josey would be a good depth addition, and could see some action out of the backfield in 2014.

If you haven’t already, I’d ask that you go back and look at my previous mock draft and tell me which draft scenario would make the Chiefs most competitive in 2014.  You all have probably seen the Chiefs’ schedule that was recently released, and realize that for the Chiefs to return to the playoffs in 2014 not only do last year’s draft picks need to step up, but some if not all of this year’s draft picks will need to have immediate impacts on the field.  Please answer the questions I asked above, and let me know what you think in the comments.  Last, but certainly not least,





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