Variables Facing Draft Day Options


As draft day looms ever closer, there is more speculation as to the best choice of who the Kansas City Chiefs should pick with their first round draft pick. There seem to be new mock drafts every time you turn around because there are so many variables at play. Here’s a glance at a few of them circling around the Chiefs.

First, the 2014 schedule was released last week. The Chiefs will not have a walk in the park with their line up. As the four year rotation would fall, the Chiefs will be playing the NFC West which is home to the Super Bowl XLVIII winner, Seattle Seahawks. I don’t think the Chiefs fans need to be dismayed at playing this division. If the Seahawks proved anything in their victory, it’s that every game is an any given Sunday situation. The Seahawks made the Broncos look like a team full of inexperience. Can the Chiefs beat the Seahawks? Absolutely.

Second, it is important to acknowledge the loss of multiple 2013 starters in free agency. To be more precise, five starters were lost in the first 90 minutes. Is this worst case scenario? Nope. brandincookAndy Reid is building a team for Kansas City. Chiefs fans have been waiting for it to be our time for many years. Reid showed the sparks of change in his first season as head coach by bringing in a quarterback, Alex Smith, that has the makings of being a star and taking the team to the postseason after three seasons of less than stellar performances. The Chiefs can only get better from where they finished last season and youth will be key to that. Bring on some new blood.

Third, an often overlooked fact of the last postseason is that the AFC West took up 3 of the 6 playoff spots. Broncos won the division while the Chiefs and Chargers claimed the wildcard spots. As everyone is talking about how tough it will be to play the NFC West, it is wise to take a look at our division. We are tough. The Chiefs are in need of several positions. On the top of many lists is a wide receiver. It is no surprise Dwayne Bowe can’t do all the big plays and we never saw any other receivers make those big plays last season. On more than one mock draft expert’s radar for the Chiefs is Oregon State’s Brandin Cooks. Cooks led the FBS in 2013 with 1,670 receiving yards causing him to earn the Biletnikoff Award, the award given to the most outstanding receiver in American college football. That sounds like a thunder and lightning combo when you place him with Bowe. I do think we need some hands on offense and would love for Chiefs to grab someone like Cooks so Smith can have multiple options down field for that big pass play.

Another big one is anything and everything in our secondary. While all games are a team effort, I believe more than one of the losses last season came from poor defending in the secondary. Chiefs should nab another safety that compliments Eric Berry. I am also not a fan of Shawn Smith and would like to see a stronger, faster starter in his place. Bring on some cornerbacks! Defense wins games and we have some of the best defenders in the league. Buffing up the secondary will give us all the tools to be the best defense this season. All fans know that the Broncos scooped up some beasts in free agency. Watch KC do the same in the draft.


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