Chiefs Shouldn’t Let Bridgewater Slip Past


It seems like a yearly event now that a player once thought to be a top pick in the draft free falls to the bottom of the first round or even out of the first round.  This year that guy seems o be Teddy Bridgewater. He came in to the draft process as the guy that was going to be the first quarterback taken. After a bad pro day workout he seems to be falling like a rock.  I think the overvaluing of one bad workout is going to give a lucky team a pretty good NFL quarterback. That team should be the Kansas City Chiefs. That is right Chiefs fans if Bridgewater is there when the Chiefs pick at #23 he should be the pick.

This would be a match made in heaven in my opinion. Bridgewater played in a west coast system under offensive coordinator Shawn Watson at Louisville, so unlike other QB’s who are going to have to come in and learn a pro style offense Bridgewater will come in already having a general idea of the concepts that Andy Reid and his staff will want to run. One of the first things that Andy Reid looks for in his QB is accuracy. Over the last two years Teddy Bridgewater has completed about 70% of his passes, so I think he is a guy that would fit right in to what Reid looks for.

I don’t profess to be a QB expert or a scout, but I will say as I watch tape of Bridgewater I don’t understand why he has fallen so far. One of the criticism of QB’s that have come out over the last couple years is that they come from spread systems, and cant make “pro reads”. Here you have a guy who comes from a pro system, is smart, accurate, and all they seem to be doing is picking the guy apart. Yes at 195 pounds he is not the biggest guy in the world, but I think a year with NFL conditioning people he would easily put on 10 pounds of good weight. He also doesn’t have the biggest arm, but it is strong enough to make every throw he would be asked to make in the Chiefs offense.

In todays NFL with the rookie wage scale it is worth it to take a QB in the first round. You are no longer making the 40 million dollar commitment that you were making a few years ago. You also are not under pressure to play the guy. If Bridgewater comes in and sits behind Alex Smith for a year that would be ok. Having a successful rookie QB would also be a relief to the Chiefs upcoming cap crunch. In a future blog I am going to address this, but the Chiefs have some good players up for extensions, and some aging players with some big cap numbers. Having a QB making very little money gives John Dorsey some flexibility under the cap. That is one of the reasons the Seahawks have been able to retain a lot of their players.

Now you might be thinking “Well the Chiefs have other needs” . My response to that is there is more than one round to the draft, and id argue that the Chiefs positions of need are best addressed late in the draft

Wide Receiver- Last year of the top 20 in reception yards 7 were taken in the first round. 3 of them were taken in the top 10. In 2012  there were 8 first round draft picks in the top 20 in receiving. 5 were taken in the top 10 of the draft. So if you are going to take a wide receiver in the 1st round your best chance at an elite guy is going to be in the top 10. If you don’t pick there you are just as likely to get one later as you are in the first round.

Pass rushing- is a good position to address in the first round.  The Chiefs got Tamaba Hali in the first round. However it is also a good position to address later. Justin Houston was a 3rd round pick. Jared Allen was a 6th round pick, Robert Mathis who led the NFL in sacks last year was a 5th round pick. So pass rushers can come later as well if you want to attack another position.

One of the reasons the Chiefs have struggled for the better part of a decade is that they never addressed the quarterback position in a long term way. They have not spent a top 3 draft pick on the QB position since Brodie Croyle, and haven’t taken one in the first round since Blacklage. Alex Smith is a good QB just like Joe Montana, Trent Green, and Rich Gannon before him, but if the chiefs want to be successful long term they can not keep trading for veteran QB’s every few years. They need to invest long term in a QB. You have a solid starting QB, good QB coaches on staff, and a solid plan in place for the franchise. The time is now to take a chance and make Teddy Bridgewater the newest Kansas City Chief!


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