To Deal or Not to Deal Flowers


As can be expected in the few hours before the draft is in full swing, the Kansas City Chiefs made an exciting announcement. Bleacher Report broke the news Tuesday afternoon that the Chiefs are “willing to deal” veteran cornerback Brandon Flowers.

When I read the article there was a moment of shock, followed by awe, and ending with a plethora of questions. I think it’s safe to say many Chiefs fans shared a similar reaction. This seems like a good time to look at the pros and cons of shaking things up this close to the draft and throwing a well known name around the league out on the table for the possibility of more draft picks.

Pros to dealing Flowers:

The Chiefs have only six picks for the 2014 draft. As many of you know, our offensive line took a beating in free agency and we need to fill those spors. Of course also hitting the radar is a key wide receiver. And let’s not forget that I made the assertion we need to beef up the secondary. If Flowers is picked up by another team and the Chiefs gain extra picks they can fill the open spots with new, young blood and continue to build a new era in Chiefs football under Andy Reid. Given the rumored difficulties with Alex Smith’s contract extension and mumblings of going with a quarterback in the first round, gaining extra picks wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Chiefs first draft pick overall is number 23. Their next pick doesn’t come until the 87th overall in the third round. For those wondering why there is such a long gap between picks, the Chiefs traded their second round pick to the San Francisco 49ers in the Smith trade last year. If losing Flowers nabs a second round pick to get someone new in wideout or on the OL that would be a win for KC.

Flowers did not have a stellar season under the new management of Bob Sutton. Flowers managed only one interception in the first game of last season. He also fought off injuries and did not start in 3 of the regular season games. Even though in the real world 28 is young, in the world of football Flowers is becoming an old man and the increase in injuries is proof to that. Replacing him with a younger man means the Chiefs would have a cornerback they could groom to be on the team for several seasons.

Cons to dealing Flowers:

It is not a bad idea to have veterans on the team. Rookies need someone to look up to and to learn from. Flowers is the veteran for the secondary. Ever wonder if the 5’9” cornerback makes a difference when he’s in the game? Let’s go back to postseason play in Indianapolis. Flowers left the game in the third quarter with a concussion and the defense continued to crumble. The score at that time was 38-24. Don’t worry fellow fans, I’m not going to mention the final score. I’m still not ready to talk about it.

Even with only one interception in 2013, Flowers made the Pro Bowl. There is always a learning curve to a new coordinator’s tactics and Flowers is on his fourth coaching group since being drafted to the team in 2008. Considering how difficult it can be to learn a new defensive coordinator’s game plan and what kind of routes you need to run, Flowers has proven that tremendous level of talent he has in his position. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him more comfortable in his position under the guidance of Sutton.

Flowers is in the middle of a 6 year contract with Kansas City. This would make it hard for some teams to be willing to make a trade with him because he due $5.25 million this season. With many teams already worried about salary cap space, he may be out of their price range.

Chiefs fans, it is hard to decipher which way this Flowers deal could go. The pros and cons list could go on until Roger Goodell steps to the microphone with Houston Texan’s pick on Thursday. Until that moment on May 8 at 8pm, Chiefs fans will be on edge to see how the cookie crumbles for Kansas City.


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