Beyond The Border Free Agency: Recap


Hello Chiefs Kingdom! Lucas Hampton here bringing you my final Beyond The Border Free Agency! I had a couple good ideas but they all got snatched up before I could do anything about it. So I figured that I would recap the players I talked about and the teams that they signed with. So, let’s get started!

First up is Stevie Brown. Brown was a free agent safety coming off a contract with the New York Giants, in the offseason, Brown resigned with the Giants.

Next is WR Riley Cooper. Cooper resigned with the Eagles this offseason

Next on the list is Center Alex Mack. Mack went through a process with the transition tag where we weren’t sure if he would end up in Jacksonville or remain in Cleveland. Eventually, Cleveland got him and Mack will stay a Brown for several more years.

Zack Bowman is the next man up. Bowman signed with the New York Giants this offseason, adding a talented and experienced presence to the Giants’ secondary.

Up next is Anthony Collins. Collins signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason after an extension with the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t happen.

Finally we have Jason Avant. Avant was a player that many thought was going to come to KC in the offseason but he did not as Andy Reid wanted to have younger players on the roster at Receiver. Avant did however sign with the Carolina Panthers in the offseason.


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