Besides the Chiefs, which NFL teams have signed their draft picks?


At the time of this writing, the Kansas City Chiefs are one of six teams who currently have all of their draft picks signed. This is good news for Chiefs fans as they will be able to watch and enjoy all of the new Chiefs for all of their OTA’s this summer.

The news that all of the draft picks have been signed, including first rounder Dee Ford, should be encouraging to the Chiefs Kingdom. In recent years, Chiefs fans have had to deal with holdouts by first rounders John Tait and Dwayne Bowe, along with Jonathan Baldwin’s bizarre injury that kept him out of training camp a few years ago.

It seems that GM John Dorsey values taking care of business quickly. Only 13 NFL teams have signed their first round pick and it is nice to be one of the few teams who are ensuring that the top picks make it to OTA’s and training camp. This will also give Andy Reid plenty of time to figure out how to best utilize Dee Ford, Phillip Gaines, and De’Anthony Thomas, as well as determine whether Aaron Murray will be able to battle for one of the quarterback spots.

So which teams have signed all their picks? Besides the Chiefs, the New Orleans Saints (6 picks), Washington Redskins (8 picks), San Francisco 49ers (12 picks), San Diego Chargers (6 picks), and Chicago Bears (8 picks) have inked all of their 2014 draft picks to deals. Kudos to the 49ers for being able to quickly sign 12 players.

On the opposite side, three teams (the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, and St. Louis Rams) have not even signed one of their draft picks yet. The Broncos may have some salary cap issues, making it difficult to sign their draft picks (they owe Peyton Manning alone $15 million in 2014). It is clear that they have been going “all in” for 2014. John Dorsey also had limited salary cap space, but he was able to get his picks signed. He is clearly building for the future, whereas John Elway is in a “do or die” situation.

It won’t be long before Kansas City owns the AFC West. Go Chiefs!



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