Catching up with the Chiefs: July edition


Since mandatory mini-camp ended almost a month ago on June 19, there has been little NFL news to share, much less anything related to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, with the rookies and QB’s reporting to training camp facilities at Missouri Western State University on Sunday (only 6 days away!), football fans will soon get what they desire – news and analyses and breakdowns and season predictions and more. I felt it was time to post what little news tidbits I could find on the Chiefs in the past month.

Although this is not completely related to the Chiefs, one of the biggest bits of news as of late comes from Houston. All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson has been making comments about wanting to leave the Texans and play for a contender. He pointed out that in slightly over a decade in the league (after being drafted #3 overall), he has only been to the playoffs 3 times. In comparison, the Chiefs franchise has only been to the playoffs 4 times in the same span, including only one time (2003) as the division winner. Johnson does have a good point and Kansas City fans can feel his frustration after Houston’s embarrassing season last year. There has been some mention of the Chiefs trading for him, which would provide an immediate upgrade at receiver for KC, who ranked towards the bottom of the NFL in receiving yards last season. Pairing Johnson and Dwayne Bowe would make for a formidable duo that few teams (especially Denver!) could defend against. Jamaal Charles would probably put up insane stats too. However, after the Chiefs cut Brandon Flowers, it appeared that the move was designed to free up some money to sign Justin Houston and Alex Smith, and it seems unlikely that Johnson would end up in KC, barring a trade that cuts a significant salary from their cap. It is fun to dream though, right?

For the Chiefs, one of the biggest stories (no pun intended) this offseason is the weight gain that DE’s Allen Bailey and Mike Catapano have been reportedly putting on. There have been numerous mentions of Catapano’s new weight, which is reportedly nearing 300 lbs. Take a peek at this video he posted about a week ago. And then compare that to the picture below from last season. Catapano is seriously going to demolish some offensive linemen next season. Peyton Manning better pray his line plays as spectacular as they did in 2013 or he is in trouble.


On the flip side, Dwayne Bowe has been telling the media that he is in the best shape of his life and is currently down to about 212 lbs. He supposedly wants to feel lighter and more explosive on the field, which is good news for Chiefs fans since he put up career low numbers for receiving yards per game last season (despite playing every game but the final game against San Diego when KC had already earned a playoff berth). He is also reportedly working out with Larry Fitzgerald, so maybe that will help Bowe reduce the number of drops he has in 2014 (he only had 4 in 2013 but has had a problem with those in the past, such as 12 drops in 2011).

Jamaal Charles was voted the eighth best player in the NFL. It is about time Kansas City had a bona fide superstar. (Long) gone are the days of Bo Jackson, George Brett, Joe Montana, Marcus Allen… Charles represents one of the best at his position in the prime of his career and all of KC should adopt him as their native son.

Finally, we are only 4 weeks away from the first preseason game against the Bengals. Check out the entire preseason and training camp schedule here. For those of you in KC or near St. Joseph, I certainly hope you attend training camp (post pics please!). Since I just moved to Houston, I plan to attend whatever Texans practices are open to the public and scope out their new-look team (even though KC does not play them this season). Maybe I can convince Andre Johnson to head north to Cowtown! Until next time… Go Chiefs!



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