Preseason- Overrated or Needed


    If Roger Goodell Was a marionette and you was pulling the strings, would you discontinue preseason games? Would you simply extend the regular season? Or do you think things are good the way they are, and leave them be? Personally, I think we need preseason games. Ik some people in the back are going oh god why, and I’m sure some of you will agree. Just let me explain why I believe we need preseason games then you can let your voices be heard loudly in the comments below. Preseason games were never not in football, football before leagues were formed was just a lot of preseason games, well simply exhibition games. Now I could go on and on about history or I could get into the meat and potatoes of this article, I choose to dive into defending my position on keeping preseason games. I will now give you Three reasons preseason games are a good thing. DeeFordCamp1 1) Preseason games are a way to ease young players into the pace of the NFL. Not one coach in the NFL wants their new players being overwhelmed. If this was to happen it could possibly lead to a coach not seeing the actual potential in his draft picks, and or Un drafted free agents the team has just acquired. Some people here will say, “thats why they practice”. Then I would state, “practice no matter contact or not is not a game day situation”. There is only so much a coach can learn about a player during practice. Yes, a coach can learn if a player knows his playbook by having practices. No, a coach might not know if this young guy will crumble under a live game situation. What I mean is, you can run a million plays in practice but where is the pressure in that. In a game situation you not only have the pressure you will also have the adversities. Such as having to channel his anger, excitement, and nerves all while making plays. so thats why I think this is one good thing about preseason, cause although it’s a live games it doesn’t count like a regular season game does. 2) Another thing good about the preseason, is that it gradually gets veterans back up to their normal amount of reps. Without this its kinda like putting a pitcher in before he’s warmed up. Yes we all know to well preseason games can claim superstars before they even get to aid their team in the regular season. This is definitely a down point of preseason however I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason (no this doesn’t make injuries to our team easier to handle). But the hopes are we gradually build our veterans back up to be able to handle the rigors of being an NFL every game player. Some players might think they spent the offseason preparing their bodies but they wont truly know till their bodies are tested in game. Some players might be sluggish the first couple of games, thats why preseason games are another good benefit to help work through this. 3) Preseason games also gives us a chance to see some of the talent we have on our team that we wont see on a normal basis if this was regular season. I like to think of this as a look ahead. We might being seeing some players we didn’t know too much about start to shine and rise to the top in preseason. If this was the regular season we might not see this if the coach isn’t willing to risk taking a chance with an unknown against a proven veteran. this is also not to say this new talent will be able to start it would just be nice seeing that is their in case the injury bug comes along and we need some back ups. With already having saw these backups play in preseason we can already rest a bit easier cause we know what to expect out of them. These are just my reasoning behind supporting preseason games. I am sure many people have different opinions and thats what the comment section is for, so please feel free to comment me with your thoughts where I can get a feel for how the chiefs kingdom feels about preseason games. Some Players I’m sure were all looking forward to seeing on the field are Dee Ford and De’anthony Thomas. I’m also ready to see more of Travis Kelce. 12703372 With all that said, who is excited for thursday night I know I am ready. I am so ready for the game and to also see Arrowhead come to life even if it is just the first game of preseason. Its all about football baby and where there is football their can be no wrong. Final note for those of you living under a rock, the Kansas City Chiefs will kickoff against the Cincinnati Bengals Thursday Night @ arrowhead stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00pm CDT. ChiefsvsBengals


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