We are Kansas City


American Football. It fits in the fall as well as the leaves changing color. There is nothing like the feeling of tossing and catching the pigskin as the air gets a little more crisp. There is no better reason to come together with complete strangers over a love that runs bone deep. Many would argue there’s no better reason to crack open a beer before noon and toss some meat on the grill. The best place to enjoy these things at the same time? Kansas City.

We can shout that we bleed red and many people will scoff. Red isn’t impressive considering that’s the actual color of blood. Some may say there’s gold mixed with that red. For me, that red is a different kind of red. It’s the red of passion. The kind of red that burns like embers. The kind of red seen by the desires of love and hate. Chiefs red isn’t ordinary. I couldn’t imagine a more powerful, beautiful color coursing through my veins.

Chiefs fans know love, loss, elation, disappointment, hope, anger, and heartbreak. We’ve been through it all. When we felt we were in our darkest times, we rallied together and demanded change. We brought back the Kingdom, our Chiefs Kingdom, to Kansas City. We brought back hope. We brought back a team of which to be proud. We are Kansas City.


We’ve stitched closed the holes and tears left in our hearts after Indianapolis in January. With just a few hours until preseason kickoff we can feel the fire again. The chatter starts among other Chiefs fans, the whispers of this is our year. Our battered hearts beat new life into the dream of being victorious. The team demanded to be noticed last year. The fans demanded to be heard. Suddenly, we were the lone undefeated team and for the first time we witnessed what it was like to have a group of people jump on the bandwagon of being a Chiefs fan. I never felt they belonged in our Kingdom, and as quickly as they joined us at 9-0, they left us with our first loss in Denver. I don’t miss them. If you hadn’t heard, they’re wearing teal and lime green now.

The hours can’t tick away fast enough to 7pm. Arrowhead will come alive again. Can you feel that buzzing? It starts in your heart and pumps through your veins. That’s the red of being part of the Chiefs Kingdom. It’s the anticipation of watching Alex Smith take the field with weapons like Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe, It’s watching Derrick Johnson strive to break records. It’s seeing Eric Berry read the play and nab a pick six. It’s picking the perfect outfit for the game, because you know if they win that is now your attire for every game until they suffer a loss.

We’ve been quiet for too long. It’s time to get loud. To remind everyone where the greatest fandom lives. We are Kansas City.

It’s time to dethrone the Denver Broncos. We’re hungry for that win. We welcome the challenge. Don’t worry, Seattle. We’ve got plenty of room on our plate to devour you too. The Seahawks won’t know what hit them when they enter our Kingdom. Arrowhead has no love for them. We are Kansas City.


Wear your red with pride today. The months of waiting are over. Fill the seats in Arrowhead, pack the room at the local watering holes, or kick back in your favorite comfy chair to watch the game. See the sea of red flood the field to be greeted by the thunder that is our fandom. We are Kansas City.

Get loud. Be proud. Feel the fandom surging through you. Let the smack talk begin. Let the emotional roller coaster start it’s ascent. The 2014 season is upon us and we are ready for the ride. We are Kansas City.


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