Bowe Receives One Game Suspension


Fans have been waiting for the hammer to fall after Dwayne Bowe’s arrest in November 2013 for speeding that resulted in an additional charge of possession of marijuana. A league source announced today that Bowe would face a one game suspension for the charge. The Kansas City Chiefs will be without their star receiver for the regular season opener against Tennessee.

The Chiefs organization released a statement shortly after the news broke. That statement said, “We are disappointed in the situation and will miss him on the field, but we support the league’s decision.” The Chiefs did get off a little lucky considering this is not Bowe’s first time being in trouble with the league for banned substances. In 2009, he was suspended four games for testing positive for a banned diuretic.

Bowe has already released a statement to fans on this situation. NFL analyst Brian McIntyre shared the statement Bowe released through the NFLPA. Bowe said, “I am extremely sorry that I can’t be on the field for the first game of the 2014 season because I made an error in judgment. I take responsibility for my mistake, and it will not happen again. I hope that my teammates, coaches, and Chiefs fans accept my sincere apology. I will be supporting my teammates in week one, and I cannot wait to get back on the field to help us win in week two and beyond as we work towards our goal of winning the Super Bowl.”

As disappointing as it will be to not have Bowe on the field in the regular season opener, Chiefs fans can feel confident for the first time in several seasons that there are other wide receivers that can take on the burden of no Bowe. Fans saw some impressive catches against Cincinnati and during training camp by Junior Hemingway, Donnie Avery, Kyle Williams, A.J. Jenkins, and Frankie Hammond. Earlier this week, Coach Andy Reid said of his recievers, “I’ve seen some good things. We’ll play the best guys.” Now these five receivers have even more to prove throughout the rest of preseason to earn that starting spot in week one.

Alex Smith has even noticed that and has expressed hopes of being able to stretch defenses which will allow him to get the ball deeper down the field. “Our whole receiver crew, I think, has done an excellent job and had a great offseason. They’ve kept it going in camp with the pads on. Those guys come out and battle every single day,” Smith said. “They come out prepared and make a lot of plays.”

Even the receivers are taking notice of the positivity on the offense. “All of us, as a unit, as one, we have good chemistry with one another. And when we’re out there we can talk to one another through certain situations and things like that, which makes it better for us as receivers,” Hemingway said after practice Wednesday.

Fans will want to pay extra attention to the wide receivers when the team takes on the Carolina Panther Sunday at 7pm.


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