On the Road to Carolina


The Chiefs traveled to Carolina for preseason game two that will be played tonight at 7pm. The most exciting thing about this is getting to watch the first string defense take on Cam Newton and his speed. Cam Newton led quarterbacks in most rushing yards last season. This will be good practice for the defense that started out as a power house last season and seemed to slip away due to injuries after the bye week.

The Panthers were a hot team going into postseason play last season. They were seen as a dark horse because their division, NFC South, includes the always tough New Orleans Saints and one of the top teams in 2012 Atlanta Falcons. Panthers finished first in their division last year at 12-4. They lost to he San Francisco 49ers in the divisional playoffs.

Even though this is only a preseason game, fans will be able to see what the first team offense and defense can do against a team coming off a strong season. While last week’s game was enjoyable to watch, this week is a tougher team and the Chiefs now have first week jitters out of their system.

The biggest thing to see will be the offense not going three and out in their first appearance on the field tonight because that was not an ideal way to start preseason last week. Alex Smith is still needing to prove himself to get the contract extension he wants to stay in Kansas City. It would also be nice to see the starting defense stop the powerful Newton and keep points of the board. The defense did allow 39 points last week so see fewer points allowed tonight would show more improvement in the secondary that the team so desperately needs.

Fans should keep their eye on two positions tonight: wide receiver and cornerback. It will be important to see what kind of hands we have for Smith after learning the team will be without Dwayne Bowe week one. The secondary is still shaky, specifically in the cornerback position. It will be interesting to see if they team has improved since playing Cincinnati last week.

Watch the first road game, and first Sunday Night Football game for the Chiefs, tonight at 7pm CST on Fox.


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