Chiefs and Smith Reach an Agreement


Big news out of Kansas City today. The Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith have come to an agreement to a four-year deal. This deal is worth $68 million, with $45 million guaranteed.

Smith posted 23 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and threw for 3,313 yards last season when the Chiefs finished 11-5 and made into postseason play. Smith has a passer rating of 89.1. He completed 60.6% of his throws last season. He also rushed for a career high 431 yards.

This deal has several levels of good surrounding it. The first being that the Chiefs will have some time to build consistency in the offense. Smith proved his leadership qualities last year when he helped lead the team to the postseason after being a sad 2-14 the previous year. He has been to known to make safe throws which is why his interception number is so low. The second positive thing about this deal is that the Chiefs now have the option to franchise tag LB Justin Houston next year. Houston and the Chiefs are still struggling to make a deal so this helps solidify the Chiefs keeping him in Kansas City one more season.


Even though Smith had a shaky preseason, he was without several offensive weapons due to injury. Preseason is also not the time to show your hand so there are plenty of surprises in store for the fans a week from today. Perhaps, the worry of not coming to a deal was weighing heavily on Smith despite his talks of not making it a distraction. He knew the pressure was on him to prove he deserved a new deal. Hopefully fans will now see the Smith from last year in the regular season so there won’t be any more interceptions in the red zone.

Congratulations on the contract, Alex. Now get us that win on September 7.


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