MNF Comes to Kansas City


Mondays. It’s safe to say that Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Everyone’s heard the old adage “got a case of the Mondays” and it is typically said without the hint of joy. Monday is the start to the work week and follows on the heels of Sunday football where many people drink their favorite adult beverage while cheering on their favorite team. That typically leads to a hoard of people going to work feeling like they didn’t sleep enough to make up for the beer intake. However, it is safe to say Mondays have a saving grace during football season. That being found in the nationwide broadcast of two football teams being front and center in primetime television; good ole Monday Night Football.

It’s safe to say MNF takes on a life of it’s own. The coverage is insane and it’s known that games slotted for that primetime audience are expected to deliver a game worth watching. People haven’t seen Jacksonville, St Louis, or Oakland in a while if you want to pick up what I’m putting down. Even the Chiefs Kingdom went through a MNF drought, but we won’t talk about that.

Tonight MNF comes to Arrowhead. I can’t think of a place more deserving to host a game were millions of football fans will watch. Arrowhead will play host to the New England Patriots. Coach Reid has challenged fans to break noise records because if there is any fandom out there that can, it’s this one.

This Monday did not start like most Mondays for Chiefs fans. People opened their eyes (and maybe snoozed those alarms) with that sense of impending doom that Monday always casts over everyone. As thoughts of what needs to be done for the day start to be checked off, there at the bottom of that list is MNF. Suddenly, this day can’t get by fast enough. Chiefs football is on that to do list!

Arrowhead opens it’s gates at 3pm today so several fans are either calling in to work or finding a way to get out at 1. It’s time for beer, bbq, and football. Work doesn’t seem so bad because at the end of this work day our beloved Chiefs will go to work against a lackluster Patriots team. Perhaps the reign of Brady is coming to and end. Hali, Houston, and Poe will make sure of it.

Chiefs fans have been on a roller coaster of emotions since the start of this 2014 season. Utter disgust and worry after week one when the team couldn’t beat the Tennessee Titans at home, let alone run and offense. Fan favorites Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce didn’t make an impact week one. To top it off Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito had season ending injuries. It felt like 2011 all over again when the injuries stacked up against the team one after another. On to week two when Charles and Eric Berry fell to injury. But the Chiefs gave fans a reason to not raise the white flag of defeat on the season by keeping the Denver Broncos at bay and losing in the final seconds to a goal line stand. Fans felt nervous but had hope. Week three came with a must win situation. After struggling to find the end zone the first two weeks, the Chiefs found it five times again the Dolphins. Five. Hope is coursing through the veins of fans again. That Kansas City red is shining vibrant again.

Tonight the Chiefs are still facing a must win situation. Teams that fall 1-3 have a minimal chance of making postseason play. 2-2? Well, those are still fighting odds.

Did you feel that? When you think about the Chiefs being 2-2 there is a tingle on your skin. It’s the passion of being in the Kingdom. We all felt it week one. We were excited, proud, and loud. Every fan will falter when your hopes feel slighted. But that love for the team keeps you watching every week. The momentum is back behind Kansas City. It’s time to hush the people laughing at us. It’s time to win in primetime.

Millions of eyes from skeptics and Patriots fans will be watching. People will be waiting to find a reason to insult the Chiefs. It’s inevitable. But our Kingdom has heard it for so long our skin is tough and our pride is strong and we will shout from Arrowhead, from the watering holes, and from our couches. You will hear the roar of the Kingdom no matter where the neigh-sayers hide. The decibels reached tonight will drown out the hate from other fandoms.

Feel the hope in your hearts, Chiefs fans. Tonight Alex Smith will lead the sea of red onto the field and he needs to hear you. Our passion feeds our team. Our hope, love, and pride gives the men on the field the extra drive and motivation. They win for us because we feed the win.

Break the records tonight. Wear your red with the confidence of a team that hasn’t lost. The season is still young. Tonight the Chiefs will show the nation they are a force to be reckoned with. Tonight the tides will turn and the Chiefs everyone was talking about last season will return.

MNF is a beast and it only favors the gladiators that wish to tame it. Tonight, the Chiefs will rise victorious because the passion of the Chiefs doesn’t accepted defeat on a stage of this magnitude. We are Kansas City. Fear us.


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