The Aftermath of MNF


The morning after a Monday Night Football matchup usually has two reactions. The first being for the victors is a sense of elation that their team won in primetime television with millions of eyes watching. The second is the losing team trying to make sense of what happened and wishing the guys on SportsCenter had something else to talk about. The morning after the 2014 season, week 4 MNF game has those same reactions but on a much grander scale. The Kansas City Chiefs demolished the New England Patriots in a final score of 14-41. That is the third greatest lost the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady combo have suffered. Maybe that’s why he hadn’t played in Arrowhead since 2005. Patriots fans will be in hibernation most of this week because there is very little to pick apart on the Chiefs. They played like a team that doesn’t understand losing, or as Patriots veteran DT Vince Wilfork said, “They beat us like we stole something…we knew it was going to be a tough game. They basically destroyed us.”

There were several weapons that got the Chiefs to their dominating win. Let’s break it down.
Alex Smith went 20/26 for 248 yards and 3 touchdowns.
Jamaal Charles had 18 touches for 92 yards and one rushing touchdown. He also had 3 receptions for 16 yards and 2 touchdowns. Did you say ankle sprain? Looks like Charles is back.
Knile Davis had 16 carries for 107 yards and one reception for 12 yards.
Travis Kelce led the way in receptions with 8 totaling 93 yards and he nabbed a touchdown.
Dwayne Bowe had 5 receptions for 81 yards and Donnie Avery had 2 monster catches equalling 46 yards.
Husain Abdullah had a pick six plus posted 8 tackles. Sean Smith also intercepted Brady.
Justin Houston kept waving his hands at fans wanting to keep the noise level up and he tallied up two sacks and 7 tackles. His counterpart Tamba Hali also got himself a sack and a forced fumble with a recovery.
Dustin Colquitt and Cairo Santos got their jobs done. Colquitt had 4 punts and all of them were inside the 20. Santos made every kick he attempted, 2 field goals and 5 point after touchdowns.
The team posted zero turnovers, 26 first downs, 443 total yards, only 4 penalties for 35 yards, and were in possession of the ball for over 36 minutes.


This team has come a long way from the team that took the field at Arrowhead in week 1. The team that came out of the locker room in week 4 was a team full of fire and they lit up New England. This was definitely the best game of the season for the entire team, but it might be safe to say this is the best game since week 15 of the 2013 season when the team traveled to Oakland and beat the Raiders 56-31. The Chiefs had lost their last 4 home games excluding 2014 preseason. The fans were ready to see a win at home and they got one on a grand scale.

Fans have been worried about the pass protection for Smith. He had to use his legs several times in the first couple weeks and last night he only ran 4 times and he was only sacked twice. That is a huge improvement to the offensive line and hopefully a continued trend of improvement over the rest of the season. The other glaring issue that caused some concern was the run defense. Last night the defense kept the Patriots to only 75 yards rushing. Another area that showed major improvement and fans hope to see continue.

Chiefs fans should feel good today. Did I mention that despite the amazing game played, the Chiefs took back the rightful spot of being the loudest outdoor stadium? They reached 142.2 decibel level breaking the record set by the Seattle Seahawks last year of a 137.6. Who has the stronger 12th man? Guess Seattle will find out on November 19.

If the team that showed up for MNF comes to play against San Francisco on Sunday, the Chiefs will run away with another big victory. Today Chiefs Kingdom, let’s celebrate. While every single one of us knew we could beat the Patriots, we couldn’t have predicted a game with such incredible play calling and execution. Keep the passion alive and we will continue to feed the monster that is the Chiefs the rest of the season.


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