Everything Has Changed

On Sunday morning, I wrote that what happened in the past was not important to the Chiefs. I wrote that the Chiefs match-ups over these last five weeks are what mattered. That has all changed.

None of us could know it at the time Sunday morning, but the past very much mattered. At that time, the public was not aware that the heart and soul of the Chiefs defense, Eric Berry, might have lymphoma. Sunday morning I had said that focusing on the past could only damage the Chiefs chances. That has changed.

We will learn more about the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday than we could have ever imagined. Sure, even before we knew what was happening with Berry we knew the matchup with the Denver Broncos would be a litmus test for how this season was going to change. Yet even with a loss, there was still going to be a lot we could learn about this team through the rest of the season. That has changed.

We will find out everything we need to know about this Chiefs team on Sunday. We will know how much heart this team has. We will know how much fight is in them. We will know how well they can focus. We will know how well they can execute a game plan. We will know how much these fans care about this team. We will know if the Chiefs can beat the Broncos. We will know if the Chiefs are a contender. We will know if the Chiefs can get it done when it really matters.

What we have learned about the future is that we will know what this Chiefs team is all about very soon.

What we have been reminded of from the past is that football really does not matter at all.

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