Identity Crisis


Just a few weeks ago, one of the most promising things about the Kansas City Chiefs was that they seemed to know exactly who they were. When you know who you are, you know your strengths and limitations. At their best, the Chiefs have been a one-two-punch at running back with Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis complimented by a conservative, but efficient passing game. At their worst, they have been a jumbled mess.

In 6 of 12 games this season the Chiefs have thrown the ball more than have run it. Of the 6 games in which they have had more passing plays than runs, the Chiefs have 5 losses to show for it. The 6th game required a late 4th quarter comeback for the Chiefs to pull out a victory.

Andy Reid has often been criticized for his use of his backs during his coaching career and there is no doubt that if Andy had his way, the Chiefs would be a pass first football team, but this Chiefs team is just not built to be pass first. It has become very clear the last two weeks that the Chiefs biggest weakness on offense is the offensive line. The Chiefs best offensive player can mask this weakness and work around it.

That player is Jamaal Charles; not Alex Smith. Smith has (self-imposed?) limitations that do not allow him to overcome the offensive line. Charles has the speed and shiftiness to work around a weak line.

Let him work, Andy.



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