Improved WR Corps?


Heading into Sunday night’s game, Chiefs fans were excited to see what they would get out of a receiving corps that was adding Jason Avant after signing him early in the week and getting Donnie Avery back from injury. Unfortunately, there was not a lot to go off of as the offensive struggled through the majority of the game.

Avant caught 2 passes off of 4 targets while Avery had just 1 reception on 2 targets. While Avant had a 15 yard average helped by a 19 yard reception, most of those yards were after the catch. Along with that, Avery took his one reception and promptly gave it back to the Denver Broncos on a fumble.

The only promising sign out of the two players was that Avant had the 4 targets after only a week of practice with the team. Hopefully this shows that Alex Smith has faith in Avant already. As for Avery, he managed to relieve Smith while he was scrambling by coming back to the ball. He was also targeted deep, although Smith missed him by a mile.

Ultimately, with the struggles of the offensive line, it is hard to say whether we know anything about how the offense will look with these two. Smith rarely had enough time to survey the field and only threw the ball 23 times while being tossed around for 6 sacks.



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