Beating the Super Bowl contenders


This past weekend finally decided the two teams who will vie for the Super Bowl title and NFL championship on February 1st. The Kansas City Chiefs hold the remarkable distinction of being the only team to beat both the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots in 2014, and thus are technically the real NFL Champions. Let’s take a look at how other common teams fared against the Super Bowl contenders.

Seattle and New England only played 4 common opponents in the 2014 regular season. Both teams went 2-2 in those games.

  • The Seahawks beat the Broncos 26-20 at home. New England beat the Broncos 43-21, also at home.
  • The Seahawks beat Green Bay 36-16 at home, but Green Bay beat New England 26-21 in Green Bay.
  • The Chargers beat the Seahawks 30-21 in San Diego, but New England beat the Chargers 23-14, also in San Diego.

The Chiefs, who beat Seattle 24-20 and spanked New England 41-14, with both games being played in Kansas City, are therefore the only team with success against both Super Bowl teams this season. It is worth noting that Patriots QB Tom Brady played so poorly against the Chiefs he was benched. It is also worth noting that after losing to the Chiefs, the Seahawks won their 6 remaining regular season games and the Patriots went 10-2 in their remaining regular season games. Apparently losing to the Chiefs sparks an extraordinary run of subsequent success. Interestingly, last season the Colts were the only team to beat both Super Bowl teams (both Denver and Seattle went 3-1 against common opponents last season).


As a Chiefs fan, I can only hope that next year Kansas City relinquishes this success against Super Bowl teams by appearing in the Super Bowl themselves. Go Chiefs!


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