Watch the Chiefs in the Pro Bowl this weekend!


Back in December, it was announced that four Chiefs players had been named to the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl: Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, and Dontari Poe. All four have been voted to the Pro Bowl before, and all will be great representatives for the Chiefs! In addition, all four were drafted to the same team for the game, so we don’t have to worry about Justin Houston injuring Jamaal Charles!


Several weeks ago, I posted about which Chiefs players may have been snubbed by missing out on the Pro Bowl this year. Even so, having 4 players represented is great for Kansas City, as only the following 7 teams had more players (number of Pro Bowlers in parentheses): Cowboys (6), Broncos (9), Packers (5), Colts (5), Patriots (5), Steelers (5), and Seahawks (5).

Since all 4 Chiefs who made the Pro Bowl have been there before, I wanted to take a look at where they rank all time for Chiefs’ Pro Bowlers. Below is a list of the Chiefs who have made the most Pro Bowls for Kansas City:

G Will Shields: 12 Pro Bowls

TE Tony Gonzalez: 10 Pro Bowls

LB Derrick Thomas: 9 Pro Bowls

LB/DE Bobby Bell: 9 Pro Bowls

T Jim Tyrer: 9 Pro Bowls

DT Buck Buchanan: 8 Pro Bowls

LB Willie Lanier: 8 Pro Bowls

Johnny Robinson/Len Dawson/Jerry Mays/Ed Budde: 7 Pro Bowls

Deron Cherry: 6 Pro Bowls

Fred Arbanas/EJ Holub/Brian Waters/Neil Smith/Emmitt Thomas/Jan Stanerud: 5 Pro Bowls

Sherrill Headrick/Albert Lewis/Willie Roaf/Art Still/Jack Rudnay/Dale Carter/Jamaal Charles/Tamba Hali: 4 Pro Bowls

Priest Holmes/Nick Lowery/Otis Taylor/Abner Haynes/Dave Grayson/Mel Branch/Derrick Johnson/Eric Berry/Jerrel Wilson/Kimble Anders/Gary Green/Gary Barbaro/Curtis McClinton/Justin Houston: 3 Pro Bowls

And Dontari Poe is tied with 14 others with 2 Pro Bowls.

The players above are among the greatest to ever play for Kansas City. Besides those listed, 42 other Chiefs have made at least one Pro Bowl game in Kansas City’s history. If you have nothing better to do this Sunday, tune in to watch your Chiefs’ representatives! It might also be the last game Tamba Hali plays as a Chief, so one more reason watch…

Go Chiefs!




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