In defense of Alex Smith


The Kansas City Chiefs have had the good fortune of having two Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Len Dawson and Joe Montana) play for the team in their history. Yes, I know Montana’s time in KC had nothing to do with the Hall of Fame, but few teams have had 2 HOF QB’s go through their ranks. However, since Joe Montana’s retirement in 1994, the Chiefs have seen a ridiculous bevy of QB’s line up under center, and still have not seen a victory by a QB they have drafted since Todd Blackledge was the signal-caller.

In addition, their current QB has been the topic of much debate. It is my personal opinion that Alex Smith has been more than adequate at leading the Chiefs, and I am looking forward to seeing another great season from him in 2015. In an effort to persuade others, below, I will plead my case for Alex Smith as one of the best QB’s the Chiefs have ever had, and why we should all expect great things from him this coming season:


First of all, I have previously compared his career numbers and found they match up pretty well with QB’s that have won the past 11 Super Bowls. My conclusion was that Smith’s career average in pass yards per season, TD’s per season, completion percentage, and overall QB rating, combined with having an elite defense make him a strong candidate for taking KC to the Super Bowl.

Secondly, he ranks pretty well among the QB’s in Chiefs history. I compiled data on 19 Kansas City QB’s going all the way back to Len Dawson, the very first Chiefs QB, and inspected how they all ranked. For comparison’s sake, I only examined their numbers during their time with the Chiefs. Smith currently ranks #1 in completion percentage (62.9), QB Rating (91.2), passing TD’s per game (1.37), and TD/Int ratio (3.15). He ranks #3 in win percentage (63.3) and fewest interceptions per game (0.43), and is in the top 10 in pass yards (6578), TD’s (41), and wins (19).

Third, Smith is signed through 2018. Assuming he plays the next four seasons (he is currently 31 years old), at his current pace he has a chance to crack the Chiefs’ top 3 in pass yards, TD’s, and wins. With only moderate regression, he can still be top 5 those categories.

Fourth, he has a much better supporting cast this year and could easily set new career highs in pass yards (current high: 3313) and touchdowns (current high: 23). Additionally, having a more solid offensive line in 2015 might help him stay healthy, avoid turnovers, and give him time to complete better throws for more yardage and scoring. Smith was sacked a career high 45 times last season, a number that should hopefully decrease and help enhance his stats in 2015.

The Chiefs’ two Hall of Fame QB’s have both won at least one Super Bowl, and while I am not suggesting that Smith is having a Hall of Fame career, I certainly think it is possible that he can lead Kansas City to their first Super Bowl victory in 47 years. Only 39 more days until the regular season starts and the road to Super Bowl 50 begins! Go Chiefs!


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