Kansas City Set to Host Seattle in Preseason Game 2


Football is back at Arrowhead.

I’ll let thank sink in for you for just a minute. Football is back. The Kansas City Chiefs will welcome back the Seattle Seahawks tonight at 7pm for preseason game 2.

Most fans are pumped because they are looking forward to another victory against the team that made back to back Super Bowl appearances. Some are just excited to be back at Arrowhead. Then there’s me. What’s up? Yeah, I’m excited for tonight because I want to see the first string offense do this crazy thing called score points.

Now I get the starters will only play a handful, if that, of drives and I will be lucky if they play the entire first quarter. However, I need Alex Smith to show me he can complete a pass to Jeremy Maclin for more than 5 yards. I need to see the first string offensive line can protect enough that Smith isn’t rushing into bad passes that result in interceptions or worse, sacked. I need to see first downs. I need to see successful third down conversions. I need to see a starting group that looks like they know how to win games. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

No matter how the cookie crumbles tonight, we all are getting a look at what fellows will be the starting line for wide receiver because none of the starters in that position are back this year. Quite frankly, there is a lot of newness on the field I’m enjoying watching. Like Charcandrick West who averaged 8.2 yards a carry or Ramik Wilson with an interception and 6 tackles.

It feels good to have Arrowhead full of life and this great midwest weather decided to give us a beautiful day for enjoying it.


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