Playing “What If” with the Chiefs versus the Bears


With the surprising and frustrating loss to the Bears yesterday, the Chiefs fell to 1-4 on the season and fans are left wondering if there is anything left to play for this season. They currently sit in last place in the AFC West and are tied for the worst record in the AFC. Yuck. So many things went wrong yesterday, yet some of the most egregious events could have gone another way and given the Chiefs victory. Here are several “What if’s” that could have saved the Chiefs sinking ship:

What if Jamaal Charles did not cut to his left and tear his ACL? Chiefs probably score a touchdown and win.

What if Alex Smith threw a better pass to Travis Kelce in the end zone during the 4th quarter? Kelce probably scores a touchdown and they win.

What if Donald Stephenson did not fall on his face for apparently no reason and allow Cairo Santos’ field goal to be blocked (see pic below)? Chiefs probably make the kick and win.


What if the Bears do not call timeout with 3 min left in the game? Clock keeps ticking and Bears get the ball back with less than 2 minutes to score their game-winning touchdown. They likely do not score and Chiefs win.

What if the ref does not call pass interference on Marcus Peters, giving the Bears the ball in the red zone? The Chiefs probably stop the Bears and win.

What if Jaye Howard sacked Jay Cutler after Cutler fumbled the snap when he threw the game-winning touchdown? Chiefs stop the Bears and win.

What if Jeremy Maclin had gotten both feet in bounds on his last catch with :02 seconds left? Chiefs probably kick (and make) a shorter field goal and win.

What if Cairo Santos had not shanked the potential game-winning field goal? Chiefs probably make the field goal and win.

Tough weekend for Kansas City. Up next is the Vikings, who are 2-2.


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