The Chiefs Keep Winning


The Kansas City Chiefs are making history this season. They have joined a selection of three teams over the last four decades that started a nice losing skid only to respond with an inspiring win streak after. The 1970 Cincinnati Bengals lost 7 and then won 6, the 1974 New York Jets lost 6 and then won 7, and the 1994 New York Giants lost 6 and then won 6. Now let’s look at the 2015 Chiefs. They lost 5, taking the team to 1-5, and are currently on an active 6 game win streak to claw their way to a wildcard spot for the AFC.

The Chiefs last four opponents will be the Chargers, Ravens, Browns, and Raiders. Of those games, all are played in Arrowhead except for the Ravens. The four teams left have a current combined record of 14-34 and the Browns were officially eliminated from the playoffs after their week 13 loss.

The Chiefs may have an easy schedule ahead, but sometimes those teams that are out of contention are the most dangerous. They become the team that can spoil a playoff run; much like the Chiefs did to the Chargers last year. The Chiefs still need to go into each game with a must win mentality and treat these games like a playoff game.

The Chiefs are coming off an electric win in Oakland. This win is important because the Chiefs played without 8 key players, including Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston. Why is this important? The Chiefs found a way to win with several positions being played by second string teammates. They overcame injuries and won against a yearly thorn in our side. Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin are finally connecting in a way fans were dreaming of when Maclin inked his name on a contract bringing him to are spectacular city. Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware have shown fans that there can be a run game without the all star running back. Travis Kelce made a huge mistake at the end of the half but redeemed himself by getting an arm free to make a leaping catch for a two point conversion in the fourth. Frank Zombo stepped up to fill the shoes of Houston and had two sacks on Derek Carr.

It is also worth mentioning that this is the first time since 1995 that the Chiefs swept the AFC West in road games.


This team is filled with so much fire and passion that trickles down from the coaching staff to the players to the fans. Suddenly being four weeks away from post season doesn’t seem like we need to beg for more time to turn the game play around. The team that takes the field each week looks like a team that can’t be stopped. This team looks like a team that won’t lose in it’s wildcard game. This team looks promising. This team brings the question: What will happen to Kansas City if the Royals won the World Series and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl in the same season?

Did you get goosebumps reading the question? Did you feel a wave of joy and anticipation and pride? Me too, Chiefs Kingdom.

This team is hungry. This group of fans is ready. The Chiefs Kingdom is setting a fire the other 31 teams should fear. We are Kansas City. We’re coming for you.


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