The Chiefs Keep Winning

The Kansas City Chiefs are making history this season. They have joined a selection of three teams over the last four decades that started a nice losing skid only to respond with an inspiring win streak after. The 1970 Cincinnati Bengals lost 7 and then won 6, the 1974 New York Jets lost 6 and […]

December 2015 by stephroets

A prediction for the 2015 Chiefs

Today is it. The start of the Kansas City Chiefs 2015 season (and hopefully the commencement of their third ever Super Bowl run). At noon, the Chiefs will face the Texans in Houston’s NRG Stadium before playing at least 15 more games. As Chiefs fans, we hope they will play at least a few more […]

September 2015 by mattfromkc

Chiefs vs. Chargers – what’s at stake?

In the last game of the regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium and both teams hope to make the playoffs. At 9-6, the Chargers are currently one of the two wild card teams from the AFC and sit one game ahead of the Chiefs. On the […]

December 2014 by mattfromkc

Three Things For the Chiefs to Improve on

For the Chiefs to make the playoffs and make some noise in them, instead of just getting there, here are three things that they must improve on: 1. Where have all the sacks gone? One of the main reasons the Chiefs’ defense was so dominant for most of the season was the ability to get […]

November 2013 by jlthomas58

Cause for concern, or just time to learn?

Well it is the big week coming up facing AFC west rival the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are a team that are in stride offensively, leading to the main question of our offense is it time for concern or are we just in the learning curve?

November 2013 by chiefs98682

2013 Chiefs: A New Look

  Following a year that was so disastrous it would be hard for any team to duplicate again, many big changes have come to One Arrowhead Drive. Will those changes correct the course of a ship that was seemingly lost at sea only a year ago? Any Chiefs fan should answer the above question with […]

July 2013 by Brandon Moffet