Welcome to Kansas City, Jeremy Maclin

The free agency started with a bang on Tuesday, leaving many fans around the NFL glued to their phones, laptops, and televisions. The Kansas City Chiefs fans heard buzz the wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was looking at rejoining his former coach in Kansas City. It is now official that Maclin will be a member of […]

March 2015 by stephroets
Matt Rourke/AP

Jason Avant – What Changed?

The Kansas City Chiefs picked up wide receiver Jason Avant one day after losing to the Oakland Raiders on a Thursday night. It can easily be viewed as a response to injuries building in the Chiefs receiving corps, but there is more to this signing. The signing isn’t altogether surprising, but what is confusing is […]

November 2014 by bvaughnMO

The Aftermath of MNF

The morning after a Monday Night Football matchup usually has two reactions. The first being for the victors is a sense of elation that their team won in primetime television with millions of eyes watching. The second is the losing team trying to make sense of what happened and wishing the guys on SportsCenter had […]

September 2014 by stephroets

Week 1 is Finally Here

It’s finally here. Gameday. Fans have watched and waited for this Sunday to arrive. The day the final 53 take the field to show fans who they are and where they are going. Kansas City Chiefs will face the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium today at noon with the plan of starting the season with […]

September 2014 by stephroets

Bowe Receives One Game Suspension

Fans have been waiting for the hammer to fall after Dwayne Bowe’s arrest in November 2013 for speeding that resulted in an additional charge of possession of marijuana. A league source announced today that Bowe would face a one game suspension for the charge. The Kansas City Chiefs will be without their star receiver for […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Beyond The Border Free Agency: Jason Avant

Hello Chiefs Kingdom! Lucas Hampton coming at you again with another Beyond The Border Free Agency! The series focused on bringing you, the readers, names, stats, and knowledge on upcoming free agents from beyond the borders of Chiefs Kingdom. In the past I’ve brought you players on both sides of the ball with a focus […]

March 2014 by sweepinglucaskc

The Smith Situation

Alex Smith is a good quarterback. He is not at the “elite” level, but his play is solid. He does many things well and has no major flaws. His first year in Kansas City was successful, considering the lack of help he had on offense. Currently the Chiefs have engaged in talks with his agent […]

February 2014 by einsteininred

2014 Draft Prospect: Odell Beckham-WR-LSU

If the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t able to upgrade an already good defense and make it better in order to stop Peyton Manning and company, then the Chiefs better upgrade on offense and give Alex Smith more weapons to play with. The NFL draft this year is brimming with play makers at the tight end […]

February 2014 by jlthomas58

2014 Draft Prospect: Marqise Lee-WR-USC

Ah yes, the 2014 NFL draft is only a few months away as all 32 teams once again believe they have a legitimate shot at drafting that next “it” player. One of those teams is our beloved Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were bounced in a historic way by losing to the Indianapolis Colts 45-44. […]

January 2014 by jlthomas58

Three Things For the Chiefs to Improve on

For the Chiefs to make the playoffs and make some noise in them, instead of just getting there, here are three things that they must improve on: 1. Where have all the sacks gone? One of the main reasons the Chiefs’ defense was so dominant for most of the season was the ability to get […]

November 2013 by jlthomas58