Welcome to Kansas City, Jeremy Maclin

The free agency started with a bang on Tuesday, leaving many fans around the NFL glued to their phones, laptops, and televisions. The Kansas City Chiefs fans heard buzz the wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was looking at rejoining his former coach in Kansas City. It is now official that Maclin will be a member of […]

March 2015 by stephroets

The Chiefs’ wide receiver woes – do they matter?

Most Kansas City Chiefs fans are well aware that the Chiefs wide receivers have the fewest receiving touchdowns in the NFL, by a wide margin. The Chiefs wide receivers have not caught a touchdown since December 8, 2013 against the Redskins (seen below). The overall production of Chiefs wide receivers includes 110 receptions for 1,370 […]

December 2014 by mattfromkc

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Here we are on Sunday searching for how to spend our day while still reeling from an inexcusable loss to the 0-10 Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. We will scour the NFL’s schedule for the day looking at who the Kansas City Chiefs need to lose today. We will think about how Jamaal Charles was […]

November 2014 by bvaughnMO

The Aftermath of MNF

The morning after a Monday Night Football matchup usually has two reactions. The first being for the victors is a sense of elation that their team won in primetime television with millions of eyes watching. The second is the losing team trying to make sense of what happened and wishing the guys on SportsCenter had […]

September 2014 by stephroets

MNF Comes to Kansas City

Mondays. It’s safe to say that Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Everyone’s heard the old adage “got a case of the Mondays” and it is typically said without the hint of joy. Monday is the start to the work week and follows on the heels of Sunday football where many people […]

September 2014 by stephroets

Week 1 is Finally Here

It’s finally here. Gameday. Fans have watched and waited for this Sunday to arrive. The day the final 53 take the field to show fans who they are and where they are going. Kansas City Chiefs will face the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium today at noon with the plan of starting the season with […]

September 2014 by stephroets

On the Road to Carolina

The Chiefs traveled to Carolina for preseason game two that will be played tonight at 7pm. The most exciting thing about this is getting to watch the first string defense take on Cam Newton and his speed. Cam Newton led quarterbacks in most rushing yards last season. This will be good practice for the defense […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Bowe Receives One Game Suspension

Fans have been waiting for the hammer to fall after Dwayne Bowe’s arrest in November 2013 for speeding that resulted in an additional charge of possession of marijuana. A league source announced today that Bowe would face a one game suspension for the charge. The Kansas City Chiefs will be without their star receiver for […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Recap: Preseason Game 1

The first game of the preseason is in the books for Kansas City. The result was a hard fought victory over Cincinnati with the final score being 41-39. In true Chiefs fashion, the first string offense looked shaky and should be talked about. The starting offense was three and out in their first appearance of […]

August 2014 by stephroets

We are Kansas City

American Football. It fits in the fall as well as the leaves changing color. There is nothing like the feeling of tossing and catching the pigskin as the air gets a little more crisp. There is no better reason to come together with complete strangers over a love that runs bone deep. Many would argue […]

August 2014 by stephroets