The KC Chiefs: Things to watch in 2015

Despite a second consecutive winning season and outscoring opponents by 72 points, the Kansas City Chiefs just missed the playoffs. The team will likely return the majority of their core players, and after losing several players to injury in 2014, they will look to bounce back health-wise. Below are some things to look for in […]

February 2015 by mattfromkc

To Deal or Not to Deal Flowers

As can be expected in the few hours before the draft is in full swing, the Kansas City Chiefs made an exciting announcement. Bleacher Report broke the news Tuesday afternoon that the Chiefs are “willing to deal” veteran cornerback Brandon Flowers. When I read the article there was a moment of shock, followed by awe, […]

May 2014 by stephroets

Variables Facing Draft Day Options

As draft day looms ever closer, there is more speculation as to the best choice of who the Kansas City Chiefs should pick with their first round draft pick. There seem to be new mock drafts every time you turn around because there are so many variables at play. Here’s a glance at a few […]

April 2014 by stephroets

A (super) early prediction for the 2014 KC Chiefs

Last Wednesday, the NFL released the 2014 NFL schedule. It has been a busy week for me and several others have already begun to analyze how the Kansas City Chiefs may fare in the upcoming season, but I wanted to add my thoughts and predictions on a game-by-game basis, starting with the first half of […]

April 2014 by mattfromkc
Allen Robinson catch and run vs. Temple

2014 Chiefs Mock Draft Round 1 Prospects

Here we go Chiefs fans.  2013 is in the books and, if you’re anything like me, then you’re ready to move on to the next season.  It seems we have found a pretty good balanced QB with Alex Smith, so now I feel it’s time to focus on other positions.  I’m not only talking the […]

February 2014 by Tim White

Free Agency Focus: Ben Tate

With the Super Bowl finished up and the Off-Season kicking up into high gear, I’m here to show you players who I think will either try to go after or should go after this off-season.  The first player I want to focus on is coming out of free-agency and has proven to be a excellent […]

February 2014 by Blake Steele

2014 Chiefs Opponents Released

The 2013-2014 regular season is done and the Chiefs are in the playoffs. Aside of that the NFL has came out with the full list of the Chiefs opponents next season. The schedule looks a lot harder from this season and should be a nice challenge for the Chiefs. Here is the full list of […]

December 2013 by Blake Steele

Colts Finish Strong Against The Chiefs

The Chiefs started out very well, but after their good drive lead by Jamaal Charles the Colts scored 23 unanswered points to go on to win the game.  There where many mistakes to plan this loss on, but this is a game to look back on and to work on those mistakes and learn from […]

December 2013 by Blake Steele

Recap Week 15: KC Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

So after a great week 14 game against the Washington Redskins with an effective offense and crushing defense I was excited to see if the Chiefs could continue the trend or if the game was just a fluke.  Needless to say, the Chiefs looked for real against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday in Oakland.  Talk […]

December 2013 by Tim White

What to Expect With Chiefs VS Raiders

The Chiefs are heading into Oakland this Sunday with a record of 10-3. After a big win over the Redskins in week 14, the Chiefs look to get hot with another win over the Raiders. With a loss of the Denver Broncos on Thursday, the Chiefs have another shot at a division title and a […]

December 2013 by Blake Steele