Evaluating the Chiefs’ drafts: Who’s still on the roster?

The Chiefs drafted 9 players this year and head into training camp with 24 rookies on the roster. It is difficult to predict how many of those will make the final 53-man roster before the season starts, but it is fun to look back at previous drafts and see which players have thrived and surprised. […]

June 2015 by mattfromkc

Marcus Peters: the Kansas City Chiefs’ new Cornerback

The Kansas City Chiefs selected CB Marcus Peters from the University of Washington with the 18th selection in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. This selection fills a need for depth in the Chiefs’ secondary, and several experts and sportswriters had the Chiefs selecting a CB in the first round. Below is a […]

May 2015 by mattfromkc

Mock drafts and the Kansas City Chiefs: Who will they select?

The 2015 NFL Draft is drawing increasingly close and is only 2 days away. Mock drafts have sprung up everywhere as experts have provided their opinions, whether those opinions are based on in-depth knowledge or research or simply just the thought that a certain player fills a team’s need. As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, […]

April 2015 by mattfromkc

What position should the Chiefs draft?

As the NFL draft draws near (just 10 days away!), there is a great deal of mystery surrounding which player the Kansas City Chiefs will choose with the 18th selection. Dozens of mock drafts are now circulating the internet and print media, and fans have differing opinions on whether the Chiefs should add offensive depth […]

April 2015 by mattfromkc

The Chiefs’ opponents’ draft picks: Oakland Raiders

The third and final divisional opponent of the Chiefs had the highest and most draft picks of the AFC West, due to their second straight 4-12 season in 2013. Let’s take a look at who Raiders selected and how their picks might impact the Chiefs in 2014: The Raiders needed help pretty much everywhere on […]

May 2014 by mattfromkc

The Chiefs’ opponents’ draft picks: San Diego Chargers

In an odd coincidence, the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos only had 6 draft picks each (Oakland had 7) in the 2014 NFL draft. As a result, the AFC West may have added fewer players than other divisions in the NFL. This makes some sense as San Diego, Kansas City and Denver all made the playoffs […]

May 2014 by mattfromkc

The Chiefs’ opponents’ draft picks: Denver Broncos

I provided a look at Dee Ford and the other Chiefs’ draft picks here and here, but one thing that I have not seen written about yet is how the Chiefs may stack up against the draft picks of their divisional rivals. I aim to examine each of Kansas City’s AFC West opponents and their […]

May 2014 by mattfromkc

The Kansas City Chiefs had a solid draft

Much has been written on the Kansas City Chiefs new draft picks so far, and much more will be written in the coming months as offseason workouts begin and training camp commences. I wanted to offer some brief insight regarding the new Chiefs, and how they might fit in to their new team. The Chiefs […]

May 2014 by mattfromkc

The Chiefs add defensive depth in Round 1

As you may know by now, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Auburn defensive end Dee Ford with the 23rd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft last night. Many have been puzzled by this selection, especially since the Chiefs have clear needs that are perhaps more important than adding depth to their already solid defense front. […]

May 2014 by mattfromkc

Should the Kansas City Chiefs draft a wide receiver in the first round?

After reading countless articles on the Chiefs draft needs, browsing through every mock draft by experts and fans alike, and contemplating the biggest holes to fill, the major consensus seems to be that the Kansas City Chiefs should draft a wide receiver. In fact, there have been few suggestions that the Chiefs draft otherwise. This […]

April 2014 by mattfromkc