2014 Chiefs Opponents Released

The 2013-2014 regular season is done and the Chiefs are in the playoffs. Aside of that the NFL has came out with the full list of the Chiefs opponents next season. The schedule looks a lot harder from this season and should be a nice challenge for the Chiefs. Here is the full list of […]

December 2013 by Blake Steele

Chiefs at Steelers | Game Recap

I’m certainly not one to read too much into preseason games, but when your team has only won 7 preseason games in 9 years, you tend to get a little frustrated with even the “meaningless games.” I agree in the grand scheme of things that these games don’t mean much, but teams that are playing in late January […]

August 2013 by John Ames

Jonathan Baldwin: Bust or Not?

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Jonathan Baldwin in 2011 with the 26th overall pick in the draft, they were sure they had snatched up a top tier receiver. Now, after two rather disappointing seasons, there are some folks around Kansas City who are ready to staple the “BUST” tag to his shirt and send […]

January 2013 by Brandon Moffet