Kansas City Set to Host Seattle in Preseason Game 2

Football is back at Arrowhead. I’ll let thank sink in for you for just a minute. Football is back. The Kansas City Chiefs will welcome back the Seattle Seahawks tonight at 7pm for preseason game 2. Most fans are pumped because they are looking forward to another victory against the team that made back to […]

August 2015 by stephroets

It’s Raining Flags

If there is anything every single fan of professional football can agree on at the end of preseason game play it’s the amount of penalty flags witnessed were atrocious. The Kansas City Chiefs ended with over 30 penalties in the preseason with 14 of them coming in the final game. Essentially, the league wanted to […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Recap: Vikings dominated in Kansas City

Most fans want to forget about the last game played at Arrowhead on August 23. Preseason is designed to find the right players for the team and to see what things work and don’t. Unfortunately, watching ugly football is hard to do even if it is just preseason. The starting offense and defense played the […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Recap: Preseason Game 1

The first game of the preseason is in the books for Kansas City. The result was a hard fought victory over Cincinnati with the final score being 41-39. In true Chiefs fashion, the first string offense looked shaky and should be talked about. The starting offense was three and out in their first appearance of […]

August 2014 by stephroets

We are Kansas City

American Football. It fits in the fall as well as the leaves changing color. There is nothing like the feeling of tossing and catching the pigskin as the air gets a little more crisp. There is no better reason to come together with complete strangers over a love that runs bone deep. Many would argue […]

August 2014 by stephroets

Farewell McGrath, Hello Schiltz

Kansas City Star sports writer Terez Paylor tweeted at 11am that a fan favorite, Sean McGrath, had decided to retire. Coach Andy Reid said, “McGrath is going to retire, that’s we’ve been told by him. I wish him the best. He’s a good kid. It’s a personal decision he made.” The 26 year old tight […]

July 2014 by stephroets

Chiefs at Steelers | Game Recap

I’m certainly not one to read too much into preseason games, but when your team has only won 7 preseason games in 9 years, you tend to get a little frustrated with even the “meaningless games.” I agree in the grand scheme of things that these games don’t mean much, but teams that are playing in late January […]

August 2013 by John Ames