Watch the Chiefs in the Pro Bowl this weekend!

Back in December, it was announced that four Chiefs players had been named to the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl: Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, and Dontari Poe. All four have been voted to the Pro Bowl before, and all will be great representatives for the Chiefs! In addition, all four were drafted to the […]

January 2015 by mattfromkc

How good is the 2014 Chiefs’ defense?

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense has been a pleasant surprise in 2014 so far. After 7 games, they have performed above expectations and helped propel the Chiefs above .500 for the first time this season after limiting the Rams to just 7 points this past Sunday. The squad lost former starters DE Tyson Jackson and […]

October 2014 by mattfromkc

The Aftermath of MNF

The morning after a Monday Night Football matchup usually has two reactions. The first being for the victors is a sense of elation that their team won in primetime television with millions of eyes watching. The second is the losing team trying to make sense of what happened and wishing the guys on SportsCenter had […]

September 2014 by stephroets

MNF Comes to Kansas City

Mondays. It’s safe to say that Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Everyone’s heard the old adage “got a case of the Mondays” and it is typically said without the hint of joy. Monday is the start to the work week and follows on the heels of Sunday football where many people […]

September 2014 by stephroets

Chiefs defensive records that might fall in 2014

The bad news about Sanders Commings was no fun to deal with, so I wanted to post something to keep our minds off of it. I previously posted about Chiefs’ offensive records that could fall this season, and below are the defensive ones that may be in jeopardy in 2014. I am writing this while […]

August 2014 by mattfromkc

Charles Receives Compensation

July 22, many Kansas City Chiefs fans were feeling anxious about what would happen when Jamaal Charles announced he was considering not attending training camp without a negotiation of his contract. Going into Tuesday, Charles’ contract he signed back in 2010 was showing a salary of $3.65 million. He didn’t have to wait long to […]

July 2014 by stephroets

Chiefs Shouldn’t Let Bridgewater Slip Past

It seems like a yearly event now that a player once thought to be a top pick in the draft free falls to the bottom of the first round or even out of the first round.  This year that guy seems o be Teddy Bridgewater. He came in to the draft process as the guy […]

May 2014 by ryans34

Beyond The Border Free Agency: Win Some Lose Some Edition Pt. 1

Hello Chiefs Kingdom! Lucas Hampton coming at you here with another Beyond The Border Free Agency! I mentioned in my last post that a fan favorite would be gone from the team this offseason, this will be a multi-part series on a few names that I think could be gone. More than that though, I […]

April 2014 by sweepinglucaskc

Chiefs Next Step

There are several great prospects coming up in Free Agency that can make an immediate impact on the Chiefs future. While jumping to the draft is great for conversation, filling their needs must be done in order. That order is based on my article last week in restructuring contracts and cutting players. Filling some needs […]

February 2014 by einsteininred

Business First

As you have read in earlier articles this week the Chiefs are looking to add certain pieces to thier mystery puzzle. It would be nice if this were like baseball with no salary cap. Unfortunately, this is not the case in football so spending your money wisely is important. We know we have 11 pro bowlers […]

January 2014 by einsteininred