Berry Diagnosed

The news on Eric Berry was released today. Berry has officially been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma after a mass was discovered in his chest at the end of November. Christopher R. Flowers MD, director of the Emory Lymphoma Program at Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute released a statement today. He said, “This is a diagnosis that […]

2 weeks ago by stephroets

Much Ado About Nothing

After Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals, I fully intended to torch Andy Reid’s use of Jamaal Charles. I wanted to pound my keyboard in anger and come up with data to say that Charles 10 carries and 2 catches tonight were not enough. I wanted to be able to take my frustration out on […]

2 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

We Can’t All Be The Packers

Earlier this week I read a fantastic “Fan Post” over at Arrowhead Pride ( Essentially, the post argues that the Chiefs are always chasing the MPDQ or Magic Pixie Dream Quarterback. A MDPQ is a quarterback who has had success elsewhere and is now brought in to a new team in the hope that he […]

2 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

Improved WR Corps?

Heading into Sunday night’s game, Chiefs fans were excited to see what they would get out of a receiving corps that was adding Jason Avant after signing him early in the week and getting Donnie Avery back from injury. Unfortunately, there was not a lot to go off of as the offensive struggled through the […]

2 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

Identity Crisis

Just a few weeks ago, one of the most promising things about the Kansas City Chiefs was that they seemed to know exactly who they were. When you know who you are, you know your strengths and limitations. At their best, the Chiefs have been a one-two-punch at running back with Jamaal Charles and Knile […]

3 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

A Chiefs Thanksgiving: What I’m thankful for

Kansas City Chiefs fans will recall fondly that Thanksgiving evening back in 2006 when the Chiefs throttled the Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium in the very first Thursday Night Football game ever. A national audience and one of the largest crowds ever at Arrowhead saw the Chiefs hold the Broncos to just 38 rushing yards and […]

4 weeks ago by mattfromkc

Everything Has Changed

On Sunday morning, I wrote that what happened in the past was not important to the Chiefs. I wrote that the Chiefs match-ups over these last five weeks are what mattered. That has all changed. None of us could know it at the time Sunday morning, but the past very much mattered. At that time, […]

4 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

Berry Out for Season

Just when fans were getting used to the idea of having Safety Eric Berry back on the field, he has been lost again. This time he was placed on the NFI, non football illness, list. Berry expressed feelings of discomfort in his chest on Thursday when the Chiefs played a horrendous game against the Oakland […]

4 weeks ago by stephroets

Eric Berry Placed on Non-Football Injury List

It has been announced that Eric Berry told the trainers late in the Oakland Raiders game that he was having some pain in his chest. He returned to the game, but afterwards and over the weekend it was found that he may possibly have lymphoma, a potentially be cancerous disease related to blood cell tumors. […]

4 weeks ago by bvaughnMO

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Here we are on Sunday searching for how to spend our day while still reeling from an inexcusable loss to the 0-10 Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. We will scour the NFL’s schedule for the day looking at who the Kansas City Chiefs need to lose today. We will think about how Jamaal Charles was […]

4 weeks ago by bvaughnMO