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Hello Chiefs Nation!  With the current state of our beloved Chiefs in such a downward spiral to make the annals of NFL history as one of the worst teams on record, here are some facts about Scott Pioli as GM and his tenure in KC so far.  Many thanks to Clay Wendler, Eric Grannell (who was nice enough to give 06Moffet an interview a couple weeks back), and Marty McDonald for their roles in researching all this information, and making a document with these facts.  And a special thanks to Scott Pioli, without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Anyone who is still on the Pioli bandwagon, and feel he isn’t doing a bad job, please read.  This may change your opinion.

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A lot of this may be hard to digest, so read at your own risk.

Follow this link below to the direct location of the document.  All facts current as of Dec. 10, 2012.

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Scott Pioli Facts


1. Chiefs record under Scott Pioli: 23-39 (includes playoff loss).

His is the worst record for a GM in Chiefs history.

Jim Schaaf: .387 (1976-1988)

Scott Pioli: .371 (2009-2012)


2. Chiefs record under Scott Pioli against winning teams (9-7 or better): 3-16

2009: 1-6

2010: 1-3

2011: 1-3

2012: 0-4 (projected based on the Falcons, Steelers, Broncos and Ravens being a combined 37-15 this year)

TOTAL: 3-16 (includes playoff loss to Ravens)


3. Chiefs record under Scott Pioli against playoff teams is 3-16

2009: 0-6

2010: 1-2 (includes playoff loss to Ravens)

2011: 2-4

2012: 0-4 (projected based on current division leaders ATL, DEN, BAL and the fact the Chiefs have played at least one wild-card qualifier between TB, CIN and PIT).

TOTAL: 3-16 (we beat the 7-9 Seahawks with Cassel. With Orton we beat the Packers and Broncos. Pioli decided Orton didn’t need to be on the team. We have beaten ONE playoff team with Matt Cassel under center. The 7-9 Seahawks).


4. Chiefs have lost by 14 or more points under Scott Pioli 21 times in 62 games.

The Pioli regime, to date, features 62 games.

We have lost by 14 or more points in 21 of those games. That is 33.9 percent.

That means MORE than 1/3 of the time, Scott Pioli’s Chiefs teams get their butts kicked.

Blowout losses (14+) by year

2009: 5

2010: 4

2011: 5

2012: 7 (with more to come, betcha betcha)

Compare this to a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, who suck. They have lost by 14+ points 18 times over the last four seasons.

The Chiefs get their butt kicked MORE than the Jacksonville Jaguars have during the time Pioli has been here.

Pioli’s Chiefs teams are 0-26 against teams that score more than 24 points.

The Chiefs have lost by 28 more points 26 times in franchise history.

NINE of those losses have happened under Pioli.

The Chiefs have lost by at least 16 points at home, under Pioli, nine times. How many times did this happen in Carl Peterson’s 20 seasons?


Six of the nine under Pioli have been by at least 28 points. Three have been by at least 30 points, which is even more amazing when you consider that they had only done that once in the 49 seasons before Pioli’s arrival. Even the 2-14 team that preceded his arrival didn’t pull off that trick.

Peterson’s teams lost several blowouts but they almost never did it at Arrowhead. In his first 19 years in KC, Carl’s Chiefs lost at home by 21 points or more twice and never by more than 24. This group’s done that four times.

The Chiefs lost 18 games by 14+ points from 1976-1979 (4 years).

Scott Pioli’s Chiefs have exceeded that.


5. Pioli has done a completely awful job of addressing the most important position, QB.

In 2009 he traded for Cassel and backed him up with Brodie Croyle. He traded away a guy who might have been a competent backup: Tyler Thigpen.

In 2010 he stuck with Cassel, and stuck with Croyle as the backup. Pioli’s decision to let Croyle be the backup resulted in a 31-0 loss to the Chargers.

In 2011, he stuck with Cassel and decided Tyler Palko was good enough to be the backup quarterback. Palko proved to be the worst quarterback in Chiefs history, arguably speaking. Had the Chiefs acquired a better backup quarterback, they probably would have made the playoffs.

In 2012, he provided no competition for Cassel whatsoever, and signed Brady Quinn to be the backup. Quinn has done nothing in the NFL but prove he is one of the worst quarterbacks in the entire league. He again proved that in his first start with the Chiefs in Week 6 of the 2012 NFL season.

Starting quarterbacks who could have competed with Cassel that Pioli passed on adding to the roster: Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton. Freeman completely destroyed Pioli’s defense in Week 6 of the 2012 NFL season. Dalton also marched into Arrowhead and laughed his way to a 28-6 win.

Players we drafted instead of these quarterbacks: Tyson Jackson, Jonathan Baldwin, one of whom is average at best, the other of whom has done absolutely nothing outside of one game.

Backup quarterbacks who would have been far better options than Croyle, Palko or Quinn: Colt McCoy, John Skelton, Colin Kaepernick, TJ Yates

Players we drafted instead of these quarterbacks: Jon Asamoah, Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas, Cameron Sheffield, Gabe Miller, Ricky Stanzi. None of these guys are anything special, and three of them are complete garbage. TJ Yates was good enough to win a playoff game.


6. Pioli has done a completely awful job of hiring head coaches.

Todd Haley was a complete disaster that embarrassed the organization.

Romeo Crennel is a great defensive coach, but was horrible as a head coach in Cleveland and has been horrible in Kansas City so far (outside of a win over the Packers, which was clearly a fluke).

Hiring Crennel was particularly disastrous because:

A) It’s clearly not a long-term hire due to his age (65). The Chiefs need stability, not a HC who is only going to be here a few years.

B) The list of 65+ year old head coaches who have won Super Bowls DOES NOT EXIST. There are not even that many coaches over 60, period, who won Super Bowls. It’s a very short list that includes only Tom Coughlin, Dick Vermeil and Weeb Ewbank, and they were ALL proven winners as head coaches long before they won Super Bowls. Crennel wasn’t close.


7. Pioli’s draft record isn’t horrible, but has some pretty bad warts.

In 2009 he picked Tyson Jackson, who is very average, over the following players:

RT Andre Smith (only gave up 3 sacks last season),

LT Eugene Monroe (one of the best left tackles in football according to Pro Football Focus),

WR Michael Crabtree (a good, not great WR, but still more valuable than Jackson),

OLB Brian Orakpo (a very good pass rusher who had 28.5 sacks in his first three seasons),

ILB Brian Cushing (one of the top inside linebackers in football according to PFF),

QBs Josh Freeman and Mark Sanchez (potential franchise QBs),

WR Jeremy Maclin (a playmaking wide receiver),

TE Brandon Pettigrew (one of the best receiving TEs in the league),

C Alex Mack (one of the best centers in football according to PFF)

WR Percy Harvin (one of the most electrifying playmakers in football)

OLB Clay Matthews (a beastly pass rusher)

WR Hakeem Nicks (the NYG version of Dwayne Bowe)

That was just in the first round alone. All of those players are better than Tyson Jackson and offer more value to a football team. The only thing Jackson does well is stop the run, and this is a passing league. There are multiple 3-4 defensive ends around the league who play at the same level that Jackson does and don’t make nearly as much money (57 million) and weren’t drafted close to #3 overall.

In 2012, Tyson Jackson is rated 31st out of 36 3-4 defensive ends, according to Pro Football Focus.

Other 2009 picks:

Alex Magee (bust). Passed on

Louis Vasquez,

Terrence Knighton,

Mike Wallace and

Lardarius Webb.

All are solid starters. Wallace is one of the best deep threats in football.

Donald Washington (bust). Passed on

Brian Hartline (just had a 250-yard receiving game),

Sammie Lee Hill (a really solid DT),

DJ Moore (an excellent nickel back),

Austin Collie (a pretty good slot WR).

The only pick in the entire Pioli draft this year that was worth crap was K Ryan Succop.


2010 draft:

Took Dexter McCluster, a part time player who has done almost nothing as a WR, when he could have had his pick of starting safeties (Nate Allen or TJ Ward, who is the #1 rated safety on Pro Football Focus as of Oct. 4)

a very solid starting linebacker (Koa Misi),

a Pro Bowl TE (Rob Gronkowski),

a starting DE who could play Tyson Jackson’s spot (Lamarr Houston),

a #2 RB who runs with power and speed (Toby Gerhart or Ben Tate).

Golden Tate, who has accounted for 7 TDs this season

Took Tony Moeaki, who is a decent TE who is now hurt and not playing well, instead of Jimmy Graham, a Pro Bowl TE.


2011 draft:

Jonathan Baldwin has done nothing outside of one game. There is an UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT named DOUG BALDWIN from the 2011 rookie crop who had 800 yards receiving as a rookie. Jon Baldwin isn’t even the best Baldwin from his own rookie class.

Players taken shortly after Baldwin who don’t suck:

QB Andy Dalton (easily better than Cassel and it’s not close)

WR Torrey Smith (an awesome deep threat for the Ravens),

WR Titus Young (another solid WR with speed)

Another bust: Allen Bailey (third round pick) is rated as one of the worst 3-4 defensive ends in the entire league.


8. The Chiefs are a bad football team that can’t even win home games anymore.

During our last 16 home games we are 3-13.

This includes games from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We have been blown out by at least 17 points in 7 of those 13 losses.

So why would anyone go to Arrowhead Stadium anymore?


9. Multiple journalists have written things about Pioli that cast him in the light of a man who is incompetent at his job.

Kent Babb wrote an article detailing Pioli’s over-the-top commitment to things like picking up candy wrappers in stairwells.

Jason Whitlock wrote articles detailing Pioli’s immense ego.

Both had personal knowledge of the man and insisted he would not succeed.

These articles were written YEARS apart. There’s too much negativity around Pioli to think he will ever win anything significant in Kansas City.


The below quote is my own, in regards to Scott Pioli.

“You are so arrogant, that you are blinded by your ignorance.” – Christopher S. Atkins 2012

Thanks for reading!

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